Monday, July 4, 2011

Link Building Companies Use Web Directory Submission – Is It Worth Their Time?

Before I answer the above question, we’ll define first what a web directory is. Web directory, obviously, is a directory on the World Wide Web. This is also called a link directory. 

Confused? Okay, this is like a phone directory, a directory wherein you can find a list of phone numbers. Web directory differs from phone directory, by what is listed there. A web directory is where you can find the list of web sites, rather than phone numbers. And it is arranged by categories.

Take note that a web directory is not a search engine. A web directory displays a list of web sites based on categories  while a search engine gives a list of web pages based on keywords.

So I think it’s all clear.

Let us proceed to the question above. Why virtual assistants and link building companies use web directory submission as one of their link building campaigns? Is it worth spending their time?

Absolutely, YES! Link building companies use web directory submission because they know that it is a great method for acquiring a quality one-way inbound links. Link building companies knows how beneficial the inbound links are to rank a website to major search engines. The higher the number of quality one-way inbound links  simply means that it has good online presence. Moreover, having listed in web directories is a good way for search engines  notice you, thus improving your rankings.

Link building companies are very particular in a quality output, especially with inbound links. But how does this virtual assistant acquires quality inbound links and won’t waste their time spending in website directory submission?

Here are the some of the key points that the virtual assistant considers before he or she submits a certain website to web directory:
  • Virtual assistants analyze the site first before they will submit to web directories. They ensure that the site is  user friendly, search engine crawler friendly, has interesting content and without broken links.
  • They determine which category the website fits to be submitted to. Here are my simple tips on how to find a proper category for your website. I usually use to know where the proper category for a certain website is. Just type your keywords (that bests describe your website) in the search bar. Doing this, you come up with the results that can give you a possible category for your website. See sample on the image.
  • They submit a website to a niche directory and a “free for all” directory. Wondering what these two are all about? Niche directory has a specific topic, like for example a shopping directory intended only for shopping/e-commerce websites, Business secretarial directory intended only for businesses sectretarial services and etc... A “Free for all” directory has no specific topic. They are too broad to have such specific categories.
  • Virtual assistants always ensure that the web directory offers do-follow links and a human-edited directory site.
  • No “link farms” for virtual assistants- it’s a rule! Link farms are a non-human edited directory, this type of listing has lack of organization. Moreover, listed in this type of directory is completely a waste of time, because it often became blacklisted in major search engines.
Web directories are not only beneficial for the link building companies and site owners but also for the users. People use web directories as an alternative for search engines, in fact, web directories can offer a huge advantage over search engines. Because most of the sites that are listed in search engines especially those who are ranked well are those websites that has  big businesses and highly devoted internet marketers.

Using web directories as a search tool may lead you to finding a website that contains more valuable information that sometimes are unavailable on search engine results.

SEO Virtual Assistant Jobs – The Cutting-Edge of Modern Industries

Finding a stable job that you love is not easy, the one that is thought provoking and will keep you on your toes. But in creative aspects with passion for interacting with people, business marketing is a prospering field with a lot of opportunity.

Particularly in the modern field, search engine marketing provides an outstanding job prospects. SEO virtual assistant jobs are believed to be the cutting-edge of the modern communications, technology and marketing industries. There is absolutely no shortage of employers that are seeking for an expert in search engine marketing. So what you are waiting for, start acquiring knowledge on how to do search engine marketing.

What are the search engine marketing jobs all about?

SEO virtual assistant jobs aim to further improve the online visibility for their clients through the search engine rankings. It is done by creating unique and informative web content and other promotional materials in a way that they appear closer to the top of search engines’ results.

In terms of procuring a fun and interesting yet secure marketing jobs, then SEO virtual assistant jobs is a  great bet. Internet has turned into a huge player in terms of marketing a business, and as long as entrepreneurs are working to sell their products on the web, there will likely to be a need for SEO virtual assistant jobs.

Great job opportunities come along with SEO virtual assistant jobs because it is a skill that many company needs, regardless of what service or product they are selling. Those who are looking for SEO virtual assistant jobs, they can provide their services across the sphere and also in different business fields.

There are also a lot of assignable skills that can be acquired through learning the basics of search engine marketing. The chances of securing a job will increase after you learn the basics through the help of search engine marketing job.

And keep in mind that your skills in search engine marketing are flexible. You can use them not only from one sector to another but also from country-to-country as well.

It is easy to learn the basic of this job and you don’t have to worry because you are not spending a lot of time studying and understanding the theories in the classroom. If you are a creative and resourceful person with an interest in marketing, you will definitely be able to enjoy the advantages of one of the many SEO virtual assistant jobs.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Project Management: Utilizing the Workforce of the Team

Project management is the process of planning, organizing and managing resources to work out the specific goals of the project. Projects can either be short term or long term, depending on its quality and the length it will actually consume before it will be finished. Bringing out the success of your project will consider some various factors, including courage, commitment, determination and hard work.

In order to have a common outline in taking the steps toward your success, you may consider the following topics below.

Team Assembly

Working with other people with different viewpoints is a factor that is hard to deal with. Before you start planning for your project, you may gather all the people involved in the process and set a brainstorming session. By doing this, you may able to know the different suggestions and ideas of your team regarding the project. You may utilize and consider some of their ideas which you think is essential and may contribute a great part in attaining the success of the project.

Project Planning

This process will identify the gaps related to the plan as well as to the environment, quality, and other documents. The project planning phase will also identify the gaps between the organization’s intra and interpersonal relationships. When all the gaps are identified, it must be corrected prior to the actual execution of the plan so that everything will flow smoothly and there will be no occurrence of any troubles. The plan will be finalized, confirmed and validated by all the team before it will be executed.

Project Execution

Project execution will start when everything is ready for operations. In this phase, you will build the foundation of your plan so that before you start, you’re sure that you are standing on a stable ground. This phase is the longest phase and will require most of your energy, money and resources. To be able to have a good management process in this phase, you must be able to manage your time, flexible enough for changes, consider risk taking decisions and allocate resources wisely.

Project Monitoring

It means overseeing the progress of your work and activities over a period of time. Project monitoring plays a very important role in the success of your work. By doing so, you are able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your actions and will help you in improving your work as well. In monitoring, you need to have a keen eye looking over your plan. You need to work out carefully to have a clean and accurate result. You can utilize different strategies in this phase like the use of reports, diaries and meetings where you can brainstorm your observations and be able to work things out on it.

Project Evaluation

It is the process of collecting information about the results of the project. It is conducted for some reasons, to discover strengths and weaknesses of the project as well as of the work team.  This process is used to identify factors that significantly affect the outcome of the project, whether good or bad, this will help improve the quality of the project the next time around. Project evaluation is the best time to identify if the set goals are met and if the entire project is successful.

Advertising: An Integral Part of Marketing Strategy

An advertisement is used to gain people’s attention and persuade them to purchase the product. It is one of the strategies used by every entrepreneur in showing their products to the public. If you’re much aware of your environment, you will see that many ads are posted everywhere. Televisions, radios, and internet are some of the media used in advertising. Using these different media will assure that they will reach the people in any parts of the world. The main goal of advertising is to make people aware of what they are selling and attracting them to buy.

Today, business owners are pervasive enough to discover all the different techniques in advertising. Big deal? Yes! It is surely something big to think about. It would be different if people could easily remember your brand name/product.  Advertising is an integral part of marketing strategy and it would help you a lot in earning more profits. As business owner, having a name in the market could assure you more customers than being just a simple market vendor. So if you’re trying to gain a huge group of people desiring to purchase your product, then better work it out.

These are some of the effective strategies in advertising:

Setting your goals

Before jumping into an action, you must first identify the goal that you want to achieve so you won’t end up with nothing. Try to figure things out for yourself. Setting your goals will be the first priority whenever you need to make a decision. Goals will guide and direct you to whatever actions you want to do. When setting your advertising goals, make sure that it is attainable and realistic and not something that you visualize in exaggerated manner. Pick an advertising goal that people could easily hook into and will lead them purchasing your products.

Plan for your actions

After you have set your goals, the next step is to plan for the styles, slogans and logos which you want to include in advertising your products. Use your creative thinking when planning for your advertising styles and techniques. Be unique so that people watching or reading your advertisement will be attracted and will engage easily on your product. Having an eye-catching and a very attractive advertisement will put you an edge above all the other product companies. So better think of it now.

Put your plans into actions

The final step is to put your plans into actions. Now you are ready to advertise your work after all the planning and feasibility studies that you have conducted. Your main goal in this final step is to appeal to the emotions of every people. People may watch or read your advertisement but make sure that your message will stir their minds and hearts. These will make an impact if you could catch their emotions through your advertisement. With an effective marketing message and strategy, your advertisement could help you grow your business rapidly.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Newsletter Tips To Keep Them Reading

Newsletters are publications which are distributed by companies to its subscribers. It is one of the ways to communicate and update their customers with the newest products and services they are offering. Creating newsletters is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to reach a customer. But distributing newsletters requires reliability and appropriateness in order to become effective.

Many business companies are making their way to communicate to their customers with the use of a newsletter. Sending newsletters is a good strategy which has great benefits and drawbacks to your business. The idea of producing a newsletter for business sake is good but in order to make it effective, let me guide you of what to do.

Subscribe and read other newsletters
It will help a lot if you will invest some of your time reading other newsletters from other companies. This will help you gain some ideas which are also applicable to yours. Reading their article is not illegal unless you will copy everything that was written, then you’ll be accused of plagiarism.

Create your newsletter’s name
Be creative when creating your newsletter’s name. This will help you attract more readers and will improve your marketing strategy. Remember, readers take a look at the title first. So think of something unique and eye-catching words, and be creative in formulating your phrases. Don’t bury the best words at the end of the article. Put it on the front page and you’ll see readers drawing in and reading your entire issue.

Create a theme
The theme will serve as the over-all format of what your article should look like. Choose a theme which can make the readers appreciate your newsletter. Think of how you can make your newsletter attract more readers in order to generate more subscriptions to your business.

Outline your topics
When making a newsletter, it will be better if you organize its content. Readers become bored with a document which is full of text and they couldn’t even finish reading it. Plan to write your newsletter in stages or outline form. By this idea, readers will find it easy to understand since it is organized according to the different topics.

Ask for feedback
People’s feedback and comments are very useful in improving the quality of your work. It is good to accept some suggestions, comments and feedback from other people. They could provide you some ideas of what to do to and what to avoid in your work. You must consider the people’s opinion because they are the ones who are receiving and reading it.

Creating a newsletter may seem to be simple but creating a newsletter that can draw every reader to read your entire article is something that you must think about. Yes, newsletters could help you communicate and reach out to your customers. But to make this strategy effective, make sure that what you are publishing is worth all the efforts you have invested to lead them to read it and not to simply throw it away.