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Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant Professional Standards and Core values

“Ethics is not definable, is not implementable, because it is not conscious; it involves not only our thinking, but also our feeling.” ~ Valdemar W. Setzer

All business entities impose rules and regulations in all aspects of the business. It's what we commonly call a code of ethics which guide and direct the people involved in a certain business to steer them to perform their duties and responsibilities efficiently and professionally.

In VA companies, a social media marketing virtual assistant code of ethics is also implemented. Below are some of the essential values and principles that SMM virtual assistants characterize and maintain towards their clients, colleagues, profession and selves.

Towards Clients

As a social media marketing virtual assistant:
You are expected to represent your skills accurately, recognize his limitations, and only offer professional services that you can provide.

You should accurately characterize what you specialize in and are capable of.

You must be reasonably certain that you have the necessary skills and resources to provide the support needed before entering into a collaborative partnership with a client.

You should clearly communicate the terms and conditions of your relationship to the client, identify the responsibilities of both parties, and document these provisions in a signed agreement.

You must honor your contracts, agreements and commitments and should only make commitments that are within your abilities.

You must maintain a sense of responsibility for the work you do, should be able to admit your mistakes and shortcomings, and do your part to resolve any problems that come up.

You should maintain the highest level of professionalism, and refrain from misrepresenting any authority entrusted to him.

You must safeguard and protect any private and confidential information entrusted to you by your client and should not release any client information to any party whatsoever unless given explicit instruction or consent by the client.

You must always ensure that disposal of documents and records, may it be hard or electronic, is handled confidentially and securely.

You must do your utmost to protect the client’s interests and reputation by conducting yourself as a professional ambassador and representative of your client’s business during the course of your work together.

Towards Colleagues

As a social media marketing virtual assistant:

You must by all means should be honest and accurate about your credentials, and should not exaggerate, embellish or fabricate your competencies or professional history.

You should not intend to get involved in any activity, especially libel or slander that can cause damage to the professional reputation of another virtual assistant.

You must make every effort to exercise due diligence in naming your business to ensure you are not infringing upon the legal trade name and trademark rights of another virtual assistant’s established, pre-existing business. If such infringement occurs, you must immediately take steps to remedy the situation upon notification.

You must not engage in copyright infringement or theft of any other virtual assistant's intellectual property. Neither should you engage in unfair trade practices, nor solicit or unlawfully take clients away from another virtual assistant and will faithfully observe the legal and binding agreements you make in any subcontracting situation.

You must know how to accept others' opinions, values, and beliefs and acknowledges them as valid as your own.

You must not use any confidential information gained through your professional association with colleagues for personal benefit of any sort.

Towards Profession

As a social media marketing virtual assistant:

You should exercise and uphold the highest ideals of integrity, competence and professionalism in business.

You must utilize your knowledge and abilities to strengthen public awareness and understanding of the virtual assistant profession.

You should neither engage in any activity that would bring the profession into disrepute, nor take on any work you deem to be illegal or immoral.

You must diligently exercise integrity, truth and honesty in all areas relating to your business and professional responsibilities.

You should not engage in nor support any illegal or unethical practices in the industry. Instead, you are opted to acquire and maintain professional competence, and continue to expand your professional knowledge and technical skills.

You must maintain accurate and sufficient business records, and respect existing laws pertaining to professional work and business.

Towards One’s Self

You must be always willing to do everything in your power to honor your value and worth as a human being and as a skilled professional.

You must do work that you enjoy so that you will never “work” another day in your life.

You must do your best not only to benefit clients and to reflect well on the profession, but to give yourself confidence, satisfaction and self-worth.

This social media marketing virtual assistant code of ethics is an essential milestone for a successful career in the virtual assistance profession. Once again, every association or company formulates standards and core values to realize productivity and efficiency among the workers and the management.

As a guideline on how to properly apply the knowledge and skills, this code of ethics for virtual assistants is a must that would lead the way to career and business success.


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