Friday, July 1, 2011

Project Management: Utilizing the Workforce of the Team

Project management is the process of planning, organizing and managing resources to work out the specific goals of the project. Projects can either be short term or long term, depending on its quality and the length it will actually consume before it will be finished. Bringing out the success of your project will consider some various factors, including courage, commitment, determination and hard work.

In order to have a common outline in taking the steps toward your success, you may consider the following topics below.

Team Assembly

Working with other people with different viewpoints is a factor that is hard to deal with. Before you start planning for your project, you may gather all the people involved in the process and set a brainstorming session. By doing this, you may able to know the different suggestions and ideas of your team regarding the project. You may utilize and consider some of their ideas which you think is essential and may contribute a great part in attaining the success of the project.

Project Planning

This process will identify the gaps related to the plan as well as to the environment, quality, and other documents. The project planning phase will also identify the gaps between the organization’s intra and interpersonal relationships. When all the gaps are identified, it must be corrected prior to the actual execution of the plan so that everything will flow smoothly and there will be no occurrence of any troubles. The plan will be finalized, confirmed and validated by all the team before it will be executed.

Project Execution

Project execution will start when everything is ready for operations. In this phase, you will build the foundation of your plan so that before you start, you’re sure that you are standing on a stable ground. This phase is the longest phase and will require most of your energy, money and resources. To be able to have a good management process in this phase, you must be able to manage your time, flexible enough for changes, consider risk taking decisions and allocate resources wisely.

Project Monitoring

It means overseeing the progress of your work and activities over a period of time. Project monitoring plays a very important role in the success of your work. By doing so, you are able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your actions and will help you in improving your work as well. In monitoring, you need to have a keen eye looking over your plan. You need to work out carefully to have a clean and accurate result. You can utilize different strategies in this phase like the use of reports, diaries and meetings where you can brainstorm your observations and be able to work things out on it.

Project Evaluation

It is the process of collecting information about the results of the project. It is conducted for some reasons, to discover strengths and weaknesses of the project as well as of the work team.  This process is used to identify factors that significantly affect the outcome of the project, whether good or bad, this will help improve the quality of the project the next time around. Project evaluation is the best time to identify if the set goals are met and if the entire project is successful.


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