Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Facebook Account Maintenance Tips: How to Upload Photos on Facebook

You can give updates on what’s happening in your life by posting pictures on your Facebook account. To upload photos, you only have to follow these Facebook account maintenance simple steps.

1. Sign in to your Facebook account together with your email address and password.

2. From the left side of the page under “Create Group” tab, look for “Photos. Then click.

3. Click the “Upload Photos” button in line with “Photos”. Then click the “Select Photos” button.

4. Select a file that you want to upload. Then click the “Open” button beside the “File name” tab.

5. Enter the name of the album and location. Click the drop down arrow button beside “Share album with” tab to select who can view your pictures. Then click the “Create Album” button. Then you’re done!

Other information regarding Facebook account maintenance, feel free to contact our Facebook virtual assistant.

SEO Companies: Top 3 Countries Lead the Race

One of the outcomes of economic recession is outsourcing. During the recession, many businessmen (the smart ones) had started to outsource in order to cut their expenses. Outsourcing since then became a business strategy of many in order to survive the economic meltdown. Eventually, other businessmen saw that outsourcing can be a good seedbed for money, and started a business solely dedicated to outsourcing.

The evolution of the outsourcing business had given birth to another type of enterprise – SEO (search engine optimization). SEO companies sprung all over the globe like mushrooms in the morning.

However, looking into the profiles of various SEO companies you'd notice that a lot of these companies are situated in one of three countries.

These are India, the Philippines, and China.


India, the largest democracy, is also the second most populous country in the world. What made this country a top destination and the first priority among investors is because of Indians' natural inclination to the English language and their cheap labor cost.

Since the country was once a colony of England, English has readily became their primary language. Although labor cost in the entire country varies per region and city, the average cost of labor is still one of the cheapest in the world. Many of their SEO companies have gained international recognitions and citations.

One of the most famous SEO companies coming from India is Brickwork India, which has been mentioned by two famous authors in their best selling books - Thomas Friedman in The World is Flat and Tim Ferris in The 4-Hour Work Week.


Another country with lots of SEO companies is the Philippines. Filipinos, who are famous for their fluency in the English language, are also in-demand SEO virtual assistants. This country was once under the United States, making them one of the best speakers of the language in the world.

Although the Philippines have strict laws concerning the ownership of foreigners of corporations within the country, many foreign-owned businesses are still being set up in the country. This is mainly due to the cheap labor cost and the hardworking attitude of Filipinos.


China has been one of the preferred countries when it come to outsourcing virtual assistants from SEO companies because of their countries’ labor cost which is next to India as the cheapest.

China is a communist country, which is why their labor cost is set at a marginal level. Although they're not good English speakers they are highly trainable and hard workers.

By observing these three, we can make a conclusion on which countries are preferred when putting up SEO companies.

First of all, they prefer countries with English tongues because primarily their clients are English-speaking businessmen from Europe and America.

That’s obvious I guess.

The main rationale for outsourcing is to cut costs thus hiring virtual assistants from developing countries would surely fit in the puzzle. Developing countries, mostly, have low costs and standards of living, putting their labor costs always at a marginal level.

Regardless of country, race or gender though, anyone can be a virtual assistant. As long as you have the guts to work hard in your profession, you can be successful.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant Professional Standards and Core values

“Ethics is not definable, is not implementable, because it is not conscious; it involves not only our thinking, but also our feeling.” ~ Valdemar W. Setzer

All business entities impose rules and regulations in all aspects of the business. It's what we commonly call a code of ethics which guide and direct the people involved in a certain business to steer them to perform their duties and responsibilities efficiently and professionally.

In VA companies, a social media marketing virtual assistant code of ethics is also implemented. Below are some of the essential values and principles that SMM virtual assistants characterize and maintain towards their clients, colleagues, profession and selves.

Towards Clients

As a social media marketing virtual assistant:
You are expected to represent your skills accurately, recognize his limitations, and only offer professional services that you can provide.

You should accurately characterize what you specialize in and are capable of.

You must be reasonably certain that you have the necessary skills and resources to provide the support needed before entering into a collaborative partnership with a client.

You should clearly communicate the terms and conditions of your relationship to the client, identify the responsibilities of both parties, and document these provisions in a signed agreement.

You must honor your contracts, agreements and commitments and should only make commitments that are within your abilities.

You must maintain a sense of responsibility for the work you do, should be able to admit your mistakes and shortcomings, and do your part to resolve any problems that come up.

You should maintain the highest level of professionalism, and refrain from misrepresenting any authority entrusted to him.

You must safeguard and protect any private and confidential information entrusted to you by your client and should not release any client information to any party whatsoever unless given explicit instruction or consent by the client.

You must always ensure that disposal of documents and records, may it be hard or electronic, is handled confidentially and securely.

You must do your utmost to protect the client’s interests and reputation by conducting yourself as a professional ambassador and representative of your client’s business during the course of your work together.

Towards Colleagues

As a social media marketing virtual assistant:

You must by all means should be honest and accurate about your credentials, and should not exaggerate, embellish or fabricate your competencies or professional history.

You should not intend to get involved in any activity, especially libel or slander that can cause damage to the professional reputation of another virtual assistant.

You must make every effort to exercise due diligence in naming your business to ensure you are not infringing upon the legal trade name and trademark rights of another virtual assistant’s established, pre-existing business. If such infringement occurs, you must immediately take steps to remedy the situation upon notification.

You must not engage in copyright infringement or theft of any other virtual assistant's intellectual property. Neither should you engage in unfair trade practices, nor solicit or unlawfully take clients away from another virtual assistant and will faithfully observe the legal and binding agreements you make in any subcontracting situation.

You must know how to accept others' opinions, values, and beliefs and acknowledges them as valid as your own.

You must not use any confidential information gained through your professional association with colleagues for personal benefit of any sort.

Towards Profession

As a social media marketing virtual assistant:

You should exercise and uphold the highest ideals of integrity, competence and professionalism in business.

You must utilize your knowledge and abilities to strengthen public awareness and understanding of the virtual assistant profession.

You should neither engage in any activity that would bring the profession into disrepute, nor take on any work you deem to be illegal or immoral.

You must diligently exercise integrity, truth and honesty in all areas relating to your business and professional responsibilities.

You should not engage in nor support any illegal or unethical practices in the industry. Instead, you are opted to acquire and maintain professional competence, and continue to expand your professional knowledge and technical skills.

You must maintain accurate and sufficient business records, and respect existing laws pertaining to professional work and business.

Towards One’s Self

You must be always willing to do everything in your power to honor your value and worth as a human being and as a skilled professional.

You must do work that you enjoy so that you will never “work” another day in your life.

You must do your best not only to benefit clients and to reflect well on the profession, but to give yourself confidence, satisfaction and self-worth.

This social media marketing virtual assistant code of ethics is an essential milestone for a successful career in the virtual assistance profession. Once again, every association or company formulates standards and core values to realize productivity and efficiency among the workers and the management.

As a guideline on how to properly apply the knowledge and skills, this code of ethics for virtual assistants is a must that would lead the way to career and business success.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Interview with the VA(mpire): Virtual Assistant Roles Revealed

Today, our blog would like to feature a recent interview of one of our virtual assistants. This was conducted by a group of annoying school kids who had to interview one of us for their project. It was pretty awesome since it was the first time someone actually interviewed one of us, so we decided to post it up here.

(Virtual assistant’s and interviewers’ names are withheld for obvious reasons.)
Hi Mister Virtual Assistant, what exactly do you do?
Well, as you said, I’m a virtual assistant and what we do is we perform tasks based on our client’s demands.
Cool! Uh…what’s a client?
A client is the one who hires us for our services. Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs to big-scale businesses.

Ooooh! What’s an entrepreneur?
Uh…an entrepreneur is a…

Um…Never mind. We actually just wanted to ask what the roles of a virtual assistant are. So…um…what exactly are they?
There’s too many to mention, actually.

Oh. Come on. Could you at least tell us one? We will treat you to lunch!
Ooh! Free lunch! Ok!
A virtual assistant has lots of roles, depending on his tasks. But these roles can usually be generalized into categories.

What categories?
Well, the first one is the receptionist VA.

What’s a VA?
Uh…it’s a shortcut for virtual assistant?

Oh yeah.

So anyways, receptionist virtual assistants are those that do secretarial work like taking calls, sending out emails, setting up schedules. What they do is that they serve as secretaries, assisting their client in any way they can. They don’t make coffee, though. 

Oh. That’s pretty cool! What are the others?
You said just one, right? Where’s my lunch?
You have to tell us all the virtual assistant roles before we treat you to lunch.
No fair! Oh, alright.
So, the second category of virtual assistant is the SEO virtual assistant. You kids use Google, right?

Well, you notice that when you try to search for something in Google, the websites are all ranked?

Yup! Why?
An SEO virtual assistant’s goal is to raise a client website’s search ranking for a keyword, or a set of keywords. For example, if a client wants his site to rank high for the keyword “annoying kids”, he should hire an SEO virtual assistant. He or she does that by applying various SEO methods, such as link building and on-site optimization.

Oooh. So that’s already two categories, receptionist  and SEO, what more?
Well, there are actually five, but there can be more. It all depends on how you categorize it. Anyways, in my categorization, the third category of virtual assistant is the internet marketing virtual assistant.

Let me guess. They’re virtual assistants who market a client’s site on the internet?
Wow. You’re learning! (Although it’s pretty obvious from the name)
Yeah. Internet marketing virtual assistants use different methods to market a site in the internet – such as the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter, and posting internet advertisements.

Cool. What’s the last one?
I said 5 categories, right?

Yeah. Why?
This is just the 4th one. (Silly kids can’t count)

Oh. Sorry mister. We’re just getting hungry, that’s all.
Yeah, me too. Can we stop at 4 then eat lunch then continue later?

Oh, alright. The fourth one is the web development and design virtual assistant. What they do is they develop and design their client’s websites. Depending on the task, web development virtual assistants can also do on-site optimization for websites. If you know how to code HTML or PHP, then you could be one.

Nah. We don’t even know what HTML or PHP means.
Haha. Alright! Now, the last type of virtual assistant is the guys who can basically do anything. Well, not really. These virtual assistants are called general task virtual assistants and they are the jack-of-all-trades. You kids know what that means, right?

Good. They are really good since they can do each of the other virtual assistant jobs, satisfactorily. They don’t really specialize in something though, so they are often given the easier tasks.

Wow. Thanks for everything mister virtual assistant! Could you wait right here? We know you are pretty hungry to stand up anyways, so we are just going to bring you your lunch here.
Uh…Alright. (I am pretty hungry.)

P.S. The kids didn’t return. Obviously.

Disclaimer: This interview didn’t really happen. But yes, those annoying kids actually exist – in my worst nightmares. And… Don’t ask why those kids were asking about virtual assistants in the first place.


Need a Virtual Assistant Certification?

Well, truth is, you don't really need one.

But… (and that's a big BUT)

…if you want to increase your chances of getting a client, then you probably would want one.

Here are some ways you could get a virtual assistant certification to impress and assure your potential clients:

International Virtual Assistants Association 
The IVAA is an international association of virtual assistants that also provide online certification for members.

It costs $137 per year to become a member, though. So, yeah. You need to spend some money.

ExpertRating.Com Tests and Certifications

At ExpertRating.Com, you can take tests based on your specialty as a VA.

For example, if you do mostly web design tasks, then you could take a Web Designing test at the site for $14.99.

What's good about this site is that you can test yourself on a LOT of different disciplines. If you want to specialize only on SEO tasks, then you can just spend money on those tests.

 VAClassroom Training Center

The great thing about is it does not just give out certifications, but also has training videos for aspiring virtual assistants who want to learn more about the profession.

But, seriously, you do not need one.

Here is one thing you should know: The best way to get a virtual assistant certification is by doing your job right. Impress your client with your work. Do not let a piece of paper define your capabilities.

It is better for clients to see you perform well without a virtual assistant certification, than perform like crap with one.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SEO Virtual Assistant Training: Milestones towards Excellence

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. ~ Aristotle

Getting on top's hard. But it's worth every step. Plus, the view's pretty nice up here.
Source: by JoetheLion

Excellence is something that we all strive to achieve not only because we want to impress our bosses but also because we want to outdo ourselves.

In one way or the other, we are all perfectionists.

We all want to reach the top.

To reach the top though, one must undergo training.

Excruciating training.

Training is essential and serves as a stepping stone that will help an individual reach his/her goal. And as the pursuit for excellence encompasses all professions, SEO virtual assistants also strive to be excellent in their craft. Before you become a proficient or excellent virtual assistant you will need to undergo a series of trainings to become a victor in the career field.

If you are planning to become a virtual assistant, then you might find this blog helpful in your pursuit. Here are the different aspects of training that an aspiring SEO virtual assistant might consider prior to immersing in the business:


There are a lot of methods as to how you can get trained or learn to become a proficient SEO virtual assistant.

I mean LOTS of it.

Whether it's a book, ebook, Youtube video, DVD, class, online class, forum discussion, etcetera, etcetera, there are lots of ways for you to get training in virtual assistance.

One good method is by enrolling at AssistU. It's a school specifically designed to train virtual assistants. Their training will last for 20 weeks and in that time span you will learn how to set up your virtual assistant business, marketing, practical tips and all of the skills needed to be a successful and effective virtual assistant.


The type of training that an individual will receive depends on what type of virtual assistant he or she will become in the future. For example, SEO virtual assistant may be trained to do tasks in search engine optimization.


The training of an SEO virtual assistant includes a step by step procedure on how to establish their own business, market themselves, and pursue clients. Also included in the training are time management and organizational skills. As they will deal with various personalities in the future they are also taught how to maintain a professional relationship with their clients. There are other training programs that include personal coaching to help you learn your talent and focus on it to help you succeed.


I'm certain you would agree that this will be the most vital of all aspects of training.


In reality, training to become SEO virtual assistant requires as much money as any training does. Some internet-based training may take up $10 per month yet is a lot cheaper than home-based training that will consume hundreds of dollars.

You might wonder if there are those that offer this for free. There are actually websites across the net that offer discounts on virtual assistant trainings after free membership and sometimes with free downloadable virtual assistant training e-books.

The mentioned aspects of the virtual assistant training are considerable but at the end of the day, it will still depend on you – your resources, preference for learning, and your decision.

The bottom line is: there is no one-size-fits-all method. You can always choose which among the many options of virtual assistant training is the best for you.

SEO Virtual Assistant Myths - Busted

Virtual assistance is such a misunderstood profession.

Just read the following popular (yet completely untrue) myths about the job:

Myth #1: You would not save any money by hiring SEO virtual assistants.

Truth is: SEO VA’s actually cost more per hour than regular employees.


Here's something really weird though:

Hiring SEO virtual assistant will actually SAVE YOU MORE MONEY compared to regular employees.


Two reasons:
First, SEO VA’s payments are not covered in your taxes. You also would not have to pay for hardware, software, office space, benefits and other things that regular employees get. If you count all those extra payments, hiring an SEO VA instead of regular employees would save you TONS of money.

Second, SEO VA’s are only charged for the hours that they are working on their tasks. Regular employees on the other hand are being paid for eight hours per day, regardless of the volume of work they do. Since most SEO VA spend just around two to four hours per day for a client, businesses would certainly save more money.

Myth #2: SEO Virtual assistant are a hassle to manage since you have to give them specific instructions for each task all the time.

Sure. This would be true if you are hiring different virtual assistants every time.

Truth is: Clients often stick to their SEO VA especially if the performance for the client has been really good.

Your SEO VA will need lots of instructions and management at first, but as long as you stick to him or her, everything would be smooth-sailing in your partnership.

If the SEO VA you chose keeps screwing up your tasks though, then feel free to fire him or her and look for another one.

Myth #3: SEO Virtual assistant cannot be trusted with confidential information.

They cannot be trusted, of course, if you just recently hired them. Of course, it would be stupid to tell a virtual assistan you just got yesterday the details of your bank account or the secret to immortality.

That is just...stupid.

Like your mom used to say: DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS.

It takes lots of time, but you will begin to trust them with confidential information. It is a matter of developing your relationship with each other. As long as he or she does not disappoint, your secrets would be safe in your virtual assistant’s hands.

Myth #4: Clients have to pay for software and other applications that an SEO virtual assistant needs to do his or her tasks.

This could actually go both ways. It all depends on your contract.

What is good to know is that, since they usually have multiple clients to attend to, they should already have the basic software and applications needed to perform his or her tasks.

These include word processing, email, and project management software. The only time you would have to pay for the software is, if you want you SEO VA to use commercial software that is urgently and specifically needed for his or assigned tasks.

I hope so. These are just a few of the TONS of myths about SEO virtual assistant. If you guys know of any other SEO VA myths which need busting, feel free to voice out your comments. We love to hear them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Advantages of SEO Virtual Assistant: Why Hiring a VA is a Must for Any Business

"Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last." ~ Hamilton Holt

Are you tired of promoting your business all by yourself?
Do you find it difficult to find time for rest?
You want to have more family time?

If your answer is “yes” for any of these questions, then perhaps it is time for you to consider hiring the services of an SEO virtual assistant (SEO VA).

According to Wikipedia:

A virtual assistant is an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office. Because virtual assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits.

Here are reasons why hiring a SEO virtual assistant is good for business:

Gives you more TIME to spend.

Your business could sometimes force you to work even on weekends.

That's too sad.

If you hire an SEO VA, you can find more time to enjoy your business and bond with your family. Your family is more important than your business, right?

A SEO VA can give you that precious gift you desperately need – time. The VA can do all those minor business tasks that consume too much of your time. Time that can be better spent relaxing and having fun.

Saves you MONEY. Lots of it.

Having an SEO virtual assistant in your business will limit the cost for hiring temporary workers to cater for the needs of your business.

Since you will only be paying for the number of hours that the SEO VA worked for you, you can budget the time as to how long you will interact with the VA.

Aside from that there is no employer-to-employee relationship that exists between the virtual assistant and the company it serves. This means you wouldn't have to pay for taxes, which you would otherwise have to pay for with regular employees.

Helps you stay focused

You definitely should be more worried and focused on your products or services rather than thinking about running back office tasks or other support services.

However, as your business grows, you might unknowingly accommodate these non-core activities in your prime time and in the process, can split your valuable attention.

This is where an SEO virtual assistant can pitch in and let you do the job you actually should be doing – making money.

VA's can do LOTS of stuff

And I mean A LOT.

Makes you and your business BIGGER and BETTER

With SEO VA supporting your business, operational and business efficiency will skyrocket.

Since VA's cut both your time and costs, your business will surely flourish. It's a given.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire an SEO virtual assistant. Now.

The Need for SEO Virtual Assistants: Why Superheroes Need Sidekicks

Every Superhero Could Use a Sidekick…

…just like every business could use an SEO virtual assistant. Or more.

Sure, if you are Superman you would not have to go around looking for a Robin like Batman does.
A lot of us are not Superman though. Sometimes, we just can’t save the world without a handy, reliable assistant in tow.

I know some of you will not agree with what I’m saying, but let me try to explain (in superhero terms) why businesses are way better off with SEO virtual assistants.

If Superhero is too busy fighting an alien invasion, he could always tell Sidekick to put out the fire at the nearby hotel instead.

One great thing about having sidekicks is that they can be relied on in case two emergencies happen at the same time. Superhero could do the dirtier work and leave the less dirty one to Sidekick.

On the other hand, if there is no other emergency happening, Superhero can ask Sidekick to help him divide and destroy the alien fleet.

If you have one really big assignment for the business, you could always ask your SEO virtual assistant to help you. With the two of you cooperating to finish the task, the whole thing can be finished two times faster!

Instead of having to take care of the incoming invasion alone, Superhero and Sidekick could join forces and save Earth!

Superhero would call for Sidekick only when he needs him. This way Superhero will not have to drag Sidekick around needlessly.

One good thing about SEO virtual assistant is that they get paid for every hour they spend working on their tasks. If they have no tasks, you will not have to pay them.

Since there are not any alien invasions yet, Superhero could take care of minor emergencies without having to enlist the help of Sidekick.

Superhero is in the brink of defeat. What does Sidekick do? He flies in and saves Superhero, of course!

The tasks of a SEO virtual assistant are not limited to just taking calls and sending emails. He could do Search Engine Optimization or SEO, e-Marketing, and website design and development. These types of work are essential for any type of business to succeed, and could even save it from downfall.

Still not convinced?

Need not worry. Maybe you really are a Superman.

Or maybe not.

Are you willing to take that risk?

If not, get yourself a sidekick.

P.S. This is the second post we've had that featured Batman and other superheroes. Sorry 'bout that. Our writer's a comic book geek.

Virtual Assistant Software: Breaking Open a VA’s Toolbox

Batman has his utility belt. Green Lantern’s got his uh, green lantern power rings. Heck, Superman's got his underpants. Thing is, everyone needs tools - even fictional superheroes.

Although Batman's utility
belt looks much cooler.
Source: Wikipedia Commons
If you don’t agree with me, try to imagine living without tools. Imagine having to eat raw food every day. Imagine having to walk to your destination every single day. Imagine people all around you wearing no clothes.

Don’t imagine that last one. Still, you get what I mean, right? People can’t live without tools. In this generation, it’s near impossible to survive without them.

Just like Batman, virtual assistants have their own utility belts (figuratively).

We have an array of softwares that helps us do our tasks:

Word Processing

We need this. I mean, really need this. Notepad just won’t make the cut. Word processing softwares are essential tools for us because writing is almost always a part of our tasks. Whether it’s for sending emails, writing articles or for documentation, it’s undeniable that word processing software is important. If you can't afford Microsoft Word, there's always Google Docs or OpenOffice.Org Writer. The important thing is you have one.

Project Management/Task Tracking

These software are like gifts from God. Really! They're like Batman's Bat Signal. Without it, Batman wouldn't know if Gotham City needs him. Without PM software, virtual assistants wouldn't know what their tasks are and when to do them. They'd be stuck in their seats, clueless and waiting. If you can't have PM software, then a Sticky Note app would do. Or even real Sticky notes. As long as you've got something to remind you if you still got work to do.

e-Mail/Instant Messaging

Imagine if Batman didn't have a walkie-talkie (or a wireless headset) and couldn't call Alfred for help. He'd be ____. Communication is important regardless of occupation. Virtual assistants NEED to communicate with their clients to ensure that they do exactly what is requested of them. In emergency situations/tasks, instant messaging softwares like Skype are awesome.

Web Browser

Since virtual assistants need the Internet, web browsers are a no-brainer to be able to surf the web. Besides surfing, lots of web apps can provide useful service to virtual assistants, such as Google Docs, which can be used for collaborative work.


There’s a lot of other virtual assistant that virtual assistants use depending on their tasks. For example, web development virtual assistants could use Firebug, an extension for Firefox that assists in debugging web pages. Just like Batman's utility belt, you'll never know what's in a virtual assistant's toolbox unless he or she starts using it.

Please watch this video for more information about  Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services - The Question isn't 'What Can VA's Do?" but "What Can't VA's Do?"

“There is none made so great, but he may both need the help and service, and stand in fear of the power and unkindness, even of the meanest of mortals.” ~ Seneca

In this modern era, the world of business has been extremely competitive and the term “cut throat competition” is as common as a loaf of bread in the breakfast table. Men in business are forced to find new strategies to adapt to the ever volatile world market.

With the offshoot of social media and social networking sites, businessmen have found a new means to market their enterprises and products - social media marketing.

However, handling hundreds of accounts in various social networking sites can be hard.


Don't worry though. Virtual assistants are here for the rescue.

Not only can they manage your several hundred social media accounts, they can also do a lot of other things.

Virtual assistants are the most versatile people you would ever find in the planet.

VA's can do everything. AT THE SAME TIME.
Source: by ryantron

They can do nearly all the tasks you ask them to do.

And by saying almost all, the only things they can't do are breathing fire and flying.

So, what are the the things that a virtual assistant can do for you? Here are just a few of these tasks or services that a virtual assistant can offer you and your business:

Clerical Support: Typing, Word Processing, Data Entry, Transcription

Administration: Document Preparation including Medical and Legal

  Creativity: Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Website Content, Desktop Publishing

•  Management: Projects, Research, Scheduling, Planning and Finances

•  Sales Support: Customer Service, Sales, Lead Generation, Marketing, SEM

•  Personal Services: Term Papers, Resumes, Website Creation, Research

  Technical: Designers, Programmers, Web & SEO, Telephone & Chat Support

•  Business Services: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Research, Recruiting, HR

With all of these virtual assistant services your virtual assistant can do, all you have to do is relax and just focus on income-generating operations while avoiding the time-wasting hassles of promoting your business through the web.

Let us handle it for you. Trust us.

We rule in what we do.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

SEO Virtual Assistants - Facts and Other Stuff

Virtual Assistance and Why It's Popular

One of the latest trends that dominates the world of work and business is virtual assistance. In fact, if you are going to search the internet, many online businesses and companies offer this kind of service.

That's because SEO virtual assistants to clients are like sidekicks to superheroes.

Technological advancement has greatly changed businesses and employment. The internet has dozens of features such as instant messaging, emails and social media that help employers and employees to easily interact with each other while they are countries apart.

Looking for VA's can be Hard

Finding an SEO virtual assistant is easy.

What's hard is finding good ones.

Thanks to the internet, this job is getting easier as time goes by.. There are many freelancers nowadays, and they post and update the services that they offer.

Bidding is done prior to hiring an SEO VA. You need to bid for the price of the virtual assistant before anything else. We can assume that those who offer a higher price for their services are better ones.

But it is urgent in the client’s part to be realistic. Do not bid any amount which is off your budget. This is very important because how much you bid is the amount that the virtual assistant expects to receive during the entire period of contract.

Getting a Permanent Client for a VA is Important

One good thing for SEO virtual assistants who are loyal to their clients is that they have a greater possibility to be referred or recommended by their present clients to other prospective ones. That is why they need to maintain the highest quality of their work and the right attitudes towards their clients.

It is very important for a virtual assistant to be honest in all times to his client especially since the latter is the one who gave the job opportunity and that he expects maximum satisfaction from the virtual assistant's services.

Qualifications to be a Virtual Assistant Superhero

"In action, a great heart is the chief qualification. In work, a great head." ~Arthur Schopenhauer

Companies, whether big or small, should/have to/must employ a competent SEO virtual assistant that can help their business grow.

The skills and abilities of a SEO virtual assistant are highly significant in relation to the nature of the job. The effectiveness and success of one’s industry is usually reflected from the way an employee or a VA performs.

In short: If your workers suck, so does your company.

Every company has its own standard requirements and screening procedures in hiring workers. They have their respective processes in evaluating the right candidates to qualify for certain positions.

If you want to be an SEO virtual assistant, wait a bit, check your vital signs and make sure you:

1. Know what Microsoft Word is (for)

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't even think about becoming a SEO virtual assistant.

Don't worry though.

The fact that you're actually reading this blog in an internet browser, increases the chances that you know what a word processor is. Part of a virtual assistant's job is viewing documents, and typing a great deal of reports.

If you haven't used any word processor before...good luck.

2. Can Operate a Computer (With Enthusiasm)

A computer to an SEO virtual assistant is like what a basketball is to a professional NBA player. Try playing basketball without a ball and you'd realize how stupid that would be.

Nearly all tasks of a VA are performed on a computer, so obviously you'll need to know how to use one.

3. Don't Talk Like an Alien

Ever heard one of the monsters from Alien talk and understand what they're saying?

You haven't? Good. You're not one of them.

I know of some people though who talk a bit like them. Please don't be one of them. Success in an  SEO virtual assistant job is paired with good communication with your clients.

If your clients can't understand a single thing you said and begin to doubt your species, get out of there.

Mind you, this isn't limited to oral communication.

4. Don't Write Like an Alien

I'm not even sure if aliens can write.

But yeah, if your idea of writing is randomly placing words next to each other and praying they somehow make sense.... better enlist under a Grammar Nazi's guidance.

Typos, misspelled words and extra-terrestrial grammar are big NO-NOs to a client. This indicates incompetency and possible alien ancestry to a client, and would likely cost you your job.

There are a lot of great grammar resources on the internet, so make sure you check them out.

5. Are Obsessive-Compulsive

Well, not really THAT obsessive-compulsive.

But yeah, it'd be really great if you're organized.

It won't help just US, but would also help YOU. A lot.

More often than not, SEO virtual assistant  would have at least 5 pending tasks at the same time. Organizing your schedule and your things would make you more efficient as a VA. Not only will you save time, but might also save your job.

6. Does not Fear the Word "Management"

I admit. I once hated managing stuff. It's like trying to finish a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

But then I realized I'd need to learn how to do it sooner or later given my job.

And I did.

I passed. With flying colors.

So, don't fear it. You don't really need to know every thing about management when starting as a VA. But having that knowledge would be nice. Add some background in advertising, PR or marketing and you'd make an awesome VA.

Don't Have All of It?

Don't worry. Not everyone's Superman.

The great thing about being an SEO VA is that we continue to learn in our job. I didn't start perfect as a VA. Nobody does. I didn't even know these SEO virtual assistant qualifications actually exist.

What's good about these 6 'qualifications' is that they're not one-of-a-kind talents that you need to be born with. Everyone can learn these and be on the road to becoming a great VA.

Believe in yourself and everything will turn out right.

Just don't tick off your clients.

History of Virtual Assistance: The Evolution of a Profession

“Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last.” ~ Hamilton Holt

The time when virtual assistance became a professional job, more and more people are motivated to work as a virtual assistant. The air of casualness and the comfortable nature of this work have made the employment growth to escalate annually.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Virtual Assistant: Getting To Know the Unseen Worker

“It is quite interesting that whilst there are tremendous theories, in the 1960s when IT was born, everybody was supposedly going to their cottage in the countryside to work in a virtual way.” ~Richard Rogers.

The world is getting more advanced as time goes by. Every day, new technologies are introduced in the market. The evolution of computers started in the 1960’s. It created a big change in the way people work. Computers had become reliable assistants in the work force because of its capabilities and efficiency in performing accurately tasks like what humans do in a timely manner.

Working with computers may be very casual but can still have a business-like tone. The convenience it brings has motivated other establishments and individuals to prefer working “virtually” with another person, whom we call now as a “virtual assistant” or VA. 

Many of us aren't yet aware what a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT truly is though.
Source: by WingedWolf

To have a glimpse of what a virtual assistant is all about, we could start by breaking it down into words. “Virtual” means "not physically existing but made to appear by software", whereas, “assistant” means "a person who assists or gives aid or support."

So basically...a virtual assistant is a person who works by means of a computer but is not physically present:
Get it?
The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) describes a virtual assistant as an “independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative, and/or technical services.” A virtual assistant acts like a personal secretary or a personal assistant which can be contacted through a computer. Most VA's work at the comfort of their own homes, although some also work at an office.

Virtual assistants work with a client on a contractual basis. It may also depend on their working relationship or agreement. They communicate through internet by means of instant-messaging clients such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Chat or Skype. The tasks are being given or submitted through email or fax. All are done through the internet without the hassles of travelling or company expenses.

Stacy Brice, founder of Virtual Assistant, started this whole thing in the 1990’s. It was a few years later in 1997 when she formally introduced Virtual Assistant in the public. On that same year, she also established the Assist University to help other women who are asking for her assistance. Many women that don't have full-time jobs work as virtual assistants to support their finances.

Unlike a regular employee, virtual assistants work conveniently with their own personal computer and deal with the client through online chat. Both the client and the VA are doing most of the transactions online which is unusual if you are in a working environment. Even though the method of communication is informal, the quality of work is nearly the same and sometimes even better than working with regular employees.

A virtual assistant cannot be considered as an employee since they are given project-based tasks. So, you wouldn't have to pay for tax from hiring a VA. This situation is favorable to small businesses because, with the nature of the job, they wouldn't have enough resources to rent an office or buy office materials.

There are almost 25,000 virtual assistants globally. The number is increasingly growing because of the many benefits of the job. This is beneficial to those physically handicapped individuals but have the ability to work creatively as well as the qualifications that are required by the job.

So, now that you know what a virtual assistant is, are you willing to hire an unseen worker?

* Please check our video about   Virtual Assistant Roles