Monday, July 4, 2011

Link Building Companies Use Web Directory Submission – Is It Worth Their Time?

Before I answer the above question, we’ll define first what a web directory is. Web directory, obviously, is a directory on the World Wide Web. This is also called a link directory. 

Confused? Okay, this is like a phone directory, a directory wherein you can find a list of phone numbers. Web directory differs from phone directory, by what is listed there. A web directory is where you can find the list of web sites, rather than phone numbers. And it is arranged by categories.

Take note that a web directory is not a search engine. A web directory displays a list of web sites based on categories  while a search engine gives a list of web pages based on keywords.

So I think it’s all clear.

Let us proceed to the question above. Why virtual assistants and link building companies use web directory submission as one of their link building campaigns? Is it worth spending their time?

Absolutely, YES! Link building companies use web directory submission because they know that it is a great method for acquiring a quality one-way inbound links. Link building companies knows how beneficial the inbound links are to rank a website to major search engines. The higher the number of quality one-way inbound links  simply means that it has good online presence. Moreover, having listed in web directories is a good way for search engines  notice you, thus improving your rankings.

Link building companies are very particular in a quality output, especially with inbound links. But how does this virtual assistant acquires quality inbound links and won’t waste their time spending in website directory submission?

Here are the some of the key points that the virtual assistant considers before he or she submits a certain website to web directory:
  • Virtual assistants analyze the site first before they will submit to web directories. They ensure that the site is  user friendly, search engine crawler friendly, has interesting content and without broken links.
  • They determine which category the website fits to be submitted to. Here are my simple tips on how to find a proper category for your website. I usually use to know where the proper category for a certain website is. Just type your keywords (that bests describe your website) in the search bar. Doing this, you come up with the results that can give you a possible category for your website. See sample on the image.
  • They submit a website to a niche directory and a “free for all” directory. Wondering what these two are all about? Niche directory has a specific topic, like for example a shopping directory intended only for shopping/e-commerce websites, Business secretarial directory intended only for businesses sectretarial services and etc... A “Free for all” directory has no specific topic. They are too broad to have such specific categories.
  • Virtual assistants always ensure that the web directory offers do-follow links and a human-edited directory site.
  • No “link farms” for virtual assistants- it’s a rule! Link farms are a non-human edited directory, this type of listing has lack of organization. Moreover, listed in this type of directory is completely a waste of time, because it often became blacklisted in major search engines.
Web directories are not only beneficial for the link building companies and site owners but also for the users. People use web directories as an alternative for search engines, in fact, web directories can offer a huge advantage over search engines. Because most of the sites that are listed in search engines especially those who are ranked well are those websites that has  big businesses and highly devoted internet marketers.

Using web directories as a search tool may lead you to finding a website that contains more valuable information that sometimes are unavailable on search engine results.


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