Thursday, April 28, 2011

The SEO Virtual Assistant with White Hat SEO

Most of the entrepreneurs that are selling their products online realized that the best place to find costumers are from search engines. Having on the top of search engines are very beneficial. Many of the potential visitors buy products on the site that appear on page one in search engines.

It is very time consuming to scan all of the thousands results from search engine, when they already find the product they want from page one.  Because of these, search engine optimization services (SEO services) sprouted in the field of internet marketing.

This SEO services thing is one of the tasks of virtual assistant. They’re not just a simple SEO virtual assistant; virtual assistant is like an angel that helps those entrepreneurs. They’re an angel that knows the proper techniques in SEO, by using only good deeds. So, if there is an angel, there’s also a devil that uses bad deed in SEO.

To help you understand the good deed and bad deed of SEO, I’ll tell you what are the two broad categories of SEO first. They are the WHITE HAT and BLACK HAT SEO strategy.  Obviously, white hat is the “good deed” and the “bad deed” is the black hat SEO.

Let us first define each strategy.

White hat SEO follows the SEO guidelines and involves no fraud or deception. So as an angel, virtual assistant helps to ensure the site that is indexed by the search engine and probably ranked to page 1 and it is beneficial to the users’ searches. This simply means virtual assistants use only white hat SEO strategies also for the user and not only for search engines. These angels put a real effort in internet marketing to provide quality content and more accessible to search engine spider.

Black Hat SEO is the contrary of white hat SEO. It involves deception. These techniques are really hated by the search engines. If caught, the site will be penalized, either there rankings are reduced or possibly eliminate their listings from databases of search engines.

So why does an SEO virtual assistant became an angel in search engine marketing? Here are the tasks they do, based on the principle of white hat SEO strategies:

Initially, website analysis is the most important part in SEO. These angels keep an eye in all the aspect of the website, its domain and its competitors. And also a complete keyword analysis, right web content, and well researched META tags.

Next, is the links from other related sites pointing back to your site, these are commonly called backlinks. Virtual assistants build  quality links for the site, it means links from related authority sites.

These links came from article submission, directory submission, press release submission, forum participation, social networking…etc.  Apart from that, when you hire a virtual assistant, you can be assured the best SEO services in all aspects of SEO.

So if you are looking for an expert and a well-experienced in the field of SEO services, hire an SEO virtual assistant. You will be assured that the angels of Search Engine Optimization can promote your business on the top of search engines.


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