Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SEO Companies: Top 3 Countries Lead the Race

One of the outcomes of economic recession is outsourcing. During the recession, many businessmen (the smart ones) had started to outsource in order to cut their expenses. Outsourcing since then became a business strategy of many in order to survive the economic meltdown. Eventually, other businessmen saw that outsourcing can be a good seedbed for money, and started a business solely dedicated to outsourcing.

The evolution of the outsourcing business had given birth to another type of enterprise – SEO (search engine optimization). SEO companies sprung all over the globe like mushrooms in the morning.

However, looking into the profiles of various SEO companies you'd notice that a lot of these companies are situated in one of three countries.

These are India, the Philippines, and China.


India, the largest democracy, is also the second most populous country in the world. What made this country a top destination and the first priority among investors is because of Indians' natural inclination to the English language and their cheap labor cost.

Since the country was once a colony of England, English has readily became their primary language. Although labor cost in the entire country varies per region and city, the average cost of labor is still one of the cheapest in the world. Many of their SEO companies have gained international recognitions and citations.

One of the most famous SEO companies coming from India is Brickwork India, which has been mentioned by two famous authors in their best selling books - Thomas Friedman in The World is Flat and Tim Ferris in The 4-Hour Work Week.


Another country with lots of SEO companies is the Philippines. Filipinos, who are famous for their fluency in the English language, are also in-demand SEO virtual assistants. This country was once under the United States, making them one of the best speakers of the language in the world.

Although the Philippines have strict laws concerning the ownership of foreigners of corporations within the country, many foreign-owned businesses are still being set up in the country. This is mainly due to the cheap labor cost and the hardworking attitude of Filipinos.


China has been one of the preferred countries when it come to outsourcing virtual assistants from SEO companies because of their countries’ labor cost which is next to India as the cheapest.

China is a communist country, which is why their labor cost is set at a marginal level. Although they're not good English speakers they are highly trainable and hard workers.

By observing these three, we can make a conclusion on which countries are preferred when putting up SEO companies.

First of all, they prefer countries with English tongues because primarily their clients are English-speaking businessmen from Europe and America.

That’s obvious I guess.

The main rationale for outsourcing is to cut costs thus hiring virtual assistants from developing countries would surely fit in the puzzle. Developing countries, mostly, have low costs and standards of living, putting their labor costs always at a marginal level.

Regardless of country, race or gender though, anyone can be a virtual assistant. As long as you have the guts to work hard in your profession, you can be successful.


SEO said...

Thank you for informing me the top three countries with the most virtual assistant companies. Virtual assistants are not just secretaries of the businessmen, but also they may specialize in the development of websites or search engine optimization and organizing seminars. Thanks....

Virtual Customer Support said...

@ SEO You're welcome. Indeed, VAs are not just secretaries instead they are partners of businessmen. They can do from simple to complex tasks, and if we are going to enumerate what they are capable of, it's definitely endless. :)

Ramon Thomas said...

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