Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Need for SEO Virtual Assistants: Why Superheroes Need Sidekicks

Every Superhero Could Use a Sidekick…

…just like every business could use an SEO virtual assistant. Or more.

Sure, if you are Superman you would not have to go around looking for a Robin like Batman does.
A lot of us are not Superman though. Sometimes, we just can’t save the world without a handy, reliable assistant in tow.

I know some of you will not agree with what I’m saying, but let me try to explain (in superhero terms) why businesses are way better off with SEO virtual assistants.

If Superhero is too busy fighting an alien invasion, he could always tell Sidekick to put out the fire at the nearby hotel instead.

One great thing about having sidekicks is that they can be relied on in case two emergencies happen at the same time. Superhero could do the dirtier work and leave the less dirty one to Sidekick.

On the other hand, if there is no other emergency happening, Superhero can ask Sidekick to help him divide and destroy the alien fleet.

If you have one really big assignment for the business, you could always ask your SEO virtual assistant to help you. With the two of you cooperating to finish the task, the whole thing can be finished two times faster!

Instead of having to take care of the incoming invasion alone, Superhero and Sidekick could join forces and save Earth!

Superhero would call for Sidekick only when he needs him. This way Superhero will not have to drag Sidekick around needlessly.

One good thing about SEO virtual assistant is that they get paid for every hour they spend working on their tasks. If they have no tasks, you will not have to pay them.

Since there are not any alien invasions yet, Superhero could take care of minor emergencies without having to enlist the help of Sidekick.

Superhero is in the brink of defeat. What does Sidekick do? He flies in and saves Superhero, of course!

The tasks of a SEO virtual assistant are not limited to just taking calls and sending emails. He could do Search Engine Optimization or SEO, e-Marketing, and website design and development. These types of work are essential for any type of business to succeed, and could even save it from downfall.

Still not convinced?

Need not worry. Maybe you really are a Superman.

Or maybe not.

Are you willing to take that risk?

If not, get yourself a sidekick.

P.S. This is the second post we've had that featured Batman and other superheroes. Sorry 'bout that. Our writer's a comic book geek.


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