Thursday, March 10, 2011

Qualifications to be a Virtual Assistant Superhero

"In action, a great heart is the chief qualification. In work, a great head." ~Arthur Schopenhauer

Companies, whether big or small, should/have to/must employ a competent SEO virtual assistant that can help their business grow.

The skills and abilities of a SEO virtual assistant are highly significant in relation to the nature of the job. The effectiveness and success of one’s industry is usually reflected from the way an employee or a VA performs.

In short: If your workers suck, so does your company.

Every company has its own standard requirements and screening procedures in hiring workers. They have their respective processes in evaluating the right candidates to qualify for certain positions.

If you want to be an SEO virtual assistant, wait a bit, check your vital signs and make sure you:

1. Know what Microsoft Word is (for)

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't even think about becoming a SEO virtual assistant.

Don't worry though.

The fact that you're actually reading this blog in an internet browser, increases the chances that you know what a word processor is. Part of a virtual assistant's job is viewing documents, and typing a great deal of reports.

If you haven't used any word processor before...good luck.

2. Can Operate a Computer (With Enthusiasm)

A computer to an SEO virtual assistant is like what a basketball is to a professional NBA player. Try playing basketball without a ball and you'd realize how stupid that would be.

Nearly all tasks of a VA are performed on a computer, so obviously you'll need to know how to use one.

3. Don't Talk Like an Alien

Ever heard one of the monsters from Alien talk and understand what they're saying?

You haven't? Good. You're not one of them.

I know of some people though who talk a bit like them. Please don't be one of them. Success in an  SEO virtual assistant job is paired with good communication with your clients.

If your clients can't understand a single thing you said and begin to doubt your species, get out of there.

Mind you, this isn't limited to oral communication.

4. Don't Write Like an Alien

I'm not even sure if aliens can write.

But yeah, if your idea of writing is randomly placing words next to each other and praying they somehow make sense.... better enlist under a Grammar Nazi's guidance.

Typos, misspelled words and extra-terrestrial grammar are big NO-NOs to a client. This indicates incompetency and possible alien ancestry to a client, and would likely cost you your job.

There are a lot of great grammar resources on the internet, so make sure you check them out.

5. Are Obsessive-Compulsive

Well, not really THAT obsessive-compulsive.

But yeah, it'd be really great if you're organized.

It won't help just US, but would also help YOU. A lot.

More often than not, SEO virtual assistant  would have at least 5 pending tasks at the same time. Organizing your schedule and your things would make you more efficient as a VA. Not only will you save time, but might also save your job.

6. Does not Fear the Word "Management"

I admit. I once hated managing stuff. It's like trying to finish a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

But then I realized I'd need to learn how to do it sooner or later given my job.

And I did.

I passed. With flying colors.

So, don't fear it. You don't really need to know every thing about management when starting as a VA. But having that knowledge would be nice. Add some background in advertising, PR or marketing and you'd make an awesome VA.

Don't Have All of It?

Don't worry. Not everyone's Superman.

The great thing about being an SEO VA is that we continue to learn in our job. I didn't start perfect as a VA. Nobody does. I didn't even know these SEO virtual assistant qualifications actually exist.

What's good about these 6 'qualifications' is that they're not one-of-a-kind talents that you need to be born with. Everyone can learn these and be on the road to becoming a great VA.

Believe in yourself and everything will turn out right.

Just don't tick off your clients.


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