Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SEO Virtual Assistant Myths - Busted

Virtual assistance is such a misunderstood profession.

Just read the following popular (yet completely untrue) myths about the job:

Myth #1: You would not save any money by hiring SEO virtual assistants.

Truth is: SEO VA’s actually cost more per hour than regular employees.


Here's something really weird though:

Hiring SEO virtual assistant will actually SAVE YOU MORE MONEY compared to regular employees.


Two reasons:
First, SEO VA’s payments are not covered in your taxes. You also would not have to pay for hardware, software, office space, benefits and other things that regular employees get. If you count all those extra payments, hiring an SEO VA instead of regular employees would save you TONS of money.

Second, SEO VA’s are only charged for the hours that they are working on their tasks. Regular employees on the other hand are being paid for eight hours per day, regardless of the volume of work they do. Since most SEO VA spend just around two to four hours per day for a client, businesses would certainly save more money.

Myth #2: SEO Virtual assistant are a hassle to manage since you have to give them specific instructions for each task all the time.

Sure. This would be true if you are hiring different virtual assistants every time.

Truth is: Clients often stick to their SEO VA especially if the performance for the client has been really good.

Your SEO VA will need lots of instructions and management at first, but as long as you stick to him or her, everything would be smooth-sailing in your partnership.

If the SEO VA you chose keeps screwing up your tasks though, then feel free to fire him or her and look for another one.

Myth #3: SEO Virtual assistant cannot be trusted with confidential information.

They cannot be trusted, of course, if you just recently hired them. Of course, it would be stupid to tell a virtual assistan you just got yesterday the details of your bank account or the secret to immortality.

That is just...stupid.

Like your mom used to say: DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS.

It takes lots of time, but you will begin to trust them with confidential information. It is a matter of developing your relationship with each other. As long as he or she does not disappoint, your secrets would be safe in your virtual assistant’s hands.

Myth #4: Clients have to pay for software and other applications that an SEO virtual assistant needs to do his or her tasks.

This could actually go both ways. It all depends on your contract.

What is good to know is that, since they usually have multiple clients to attend to, they should already have the basic software and applications needed to perform his or her tasks.

These include word processing, email, and project management software. The only time you would have to pay for the software is, if you want you SEO VA to use commercial software that is urgently and specifically needed for his or assigned tasks.

I hope so. These are just a few of the TONS of myths about SEO virtual assistant. If you guys know of any other SEO VA myths which need busting, feel free to voice out your comments. We love to hear them.


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