Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Being a Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant industry has grown tremendously over the past few years.  It has created more jobs and opened opportunities to work from home.  Since then, many have become interested in working at home as virtual assistants.

Are you one of the VA wannabes?

Before dipping your toes in the realm of virtual assistance, you need to have a good knowledge or at least a bird’s -eye view of what you are getting into.

You may start by asking your successful virtual assistant neighbor. She may tell you that entering a VA business was the best thing she did. On the other hand, you may hear news that your other friend has given up being a VA for some reasons she wouldn’t tell. So, your next step to your VA journey would be weighing the good and bad side of being a virtual assistant.

Pros of Being a Virtual Assistant

The best part of becoming a virtual assistant is that you’re the boss.  No one's gonna tell you what to do (except for your clients) and how to do your tasks. You have the freedom to choose the projects you’re capable of and find enjoyable, and charge any rate you wish.  Of course, no office space is needed, you can work in any corner of your house wearing only pajamas.

And you wouldn’t have to organize.
You’re entire working life is completely flexible. You have the freedom to work on projects whenever you want. You can take a break to go shopping or go on vacation whenever you please as long as you meet the deadlines provided.  Another thing is, you can take care of your kids and spend more time with your family since you’re working at home.

Finally, working as a virtual assistant offers limitless income potential.  Since you’re working solo, every penny you earn goes into your pocket, giving you sense of satisfaction.

Cons of Being a Virtual Assistant

Like everything in the world, virtual assistance has its dark side.  Working on your own, gives you the full responsibility of your entire business. You’re gonna look for your own clients, handle your accounting and even buy your own health insurance. This can be pretty exhausting to some.  You should also be well-organized to handle projects and finish it on time.  The loneliness you might feel while working alone can make things boring.
 Can anyone make me smile? Anyone?
Another drawback of becoming a VA is financial instability especially on the first months of your VA journey.  Finding clients who will trust and engage business with you may take time and can be tiring.  You must work from project after project if you want money to keep coming.

Lastly, there is a great competition in the realm of virtual assistance. Because of the internet, anyone can be a VA - making the search for clients even harder.  This tight competition may also lead to low payment for every project.  However, as soon as you build up your name as a VA, your profit will increase in the long run.

All that matters is...

To become a successful virtual assistant, you really have to weigh all of the pros and cons and be sure that this is something you are ready, and willing to do.  Once you have decided to become one, stick with it.  There could be a great future ahead of you as long as you do it right.


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