Thursday, April 14, 2011

Web Content: Gaining Traffic and Link Building with Quality Articles

If you are in the online business, I’m sure you are familiar with the saying “content is king”. Somehow, it’s true because the key to good website traffic is quality content. One that will be a surefire marketing success. Gaining traffic and link building comes with this quality content.

Here are the characteristics of a good web content that will draw uncontrollable traffic and a very big bonus of link building for your site.

Search engine friendly

When I say search engine friendly, it means spiders or crawlers can see it. It should not belong to the invisible part of the Internet.

How do you make your web content visible to spiders?

Simple. Proper use of keywords. Research keywords using free or paid online keyword tools, like Google Adwords. They can provide data on the global and local searches as well as the competition for that keyword.

You also have to position the keywords in such a way that when the spiders crawl, they will bump on the page and index it. Your keywords must be located in the title, meta-tags, heading, and body, In that way, you are already starting your link building campaigns.

Word of caution: don’t over stuff your web content with keywords because spiders know if you are trying to cheat.

Link Building

This is one of the powerful characteristics of having a good web content. Quality Articles are properly edited and customized so google spiders can crawl freely. Including links that are relevant and can help your audience or viewers will be surely appreciated, and the very best part of it, you’ve just done link building for your site. Brilliant isn’t it?


In order to win the battle, you must know the enemy. The same thing can be said in content marketing in which you must know who your readers are. You have to research on what their likes and dislikes are. Knowing who your readers are will give you an idea about what to post. Every content must be reader centered.

Don’t forget that web content must entertain, inform and entice the reader.

Sometimes in order to entice the reader you have to make an attention grabbing headline. A headline that answers a burning desire works most of the time. Remember that people search because they have queries in mind.


The goal of online marketing is to convert those fans and followers into loyal customers.

How do you do that? Your web content must be persuasive but shouldn't appear like selling. Readers hate sellers.

First of all, to be persuasive you must meet the readers expectations. It’s not about being perfect but being able to relate to your audience. They’ll love it even more if you exceed to their expectations.

You must also display authority. Don’t try to be an aloof academic, just be street smart. Show proofs to back up your claims.

Cultivate goodwill between you and the reader. Use humor to grow goodwill and gain their trust. Make them feel that you share their pains and joys.

Reward your reader

Now remember this, your reader must be able to feel that they will earn something after reading your blog. As I have said, it must answer the audience burning desire.

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