Saturday, April 9, 2011

So You’re Finally a Virtual Assistant...Now, What?

Well, first off, you gotta find a job.

Before you get working on your job though, you gotta remember that there are a lot of things expected from you as a virtual assistant.


For starters, you shouldn't look like this while doing your job:

Getting all grumpy about work won’t work, lady. That’s bad.

That doesn’t mean you CAN’T be bored though. Life is boring if you can’t be bored.

It’s just discouraged.

Seriously though, you have to have a positive attitude towards work to be able to excel in it.


Before you start working on a job, another thing that’s expected from you is not just that you can do your job, but that you can do your job RIGHT.

The one thing that a client expects from his/her virtual assistant is that he/she can work at his/her best.

Don’t try to take jobs you can’t do.

Do that and you’d end up:


Just like working in an office, a virtual assistant is also given deadlines for his/her tasks. Your client must not be made to wait for you if you went over the deadline.

You can’t get back lost time. Remember to fully utilize every minute given to you by your client and never disappoint.


A VA should always strive to give his/her best in doing his/her tasks.

Oftentimes, quality beats quantity. A single, awesome output is better than hundreds of crappy ones. Infinitely better.

Your clients always expects quality work from you. If you do that, here’s what you can expect from them to say:

Now, you know what to do?

I hope so.

Remember that if you can’t fulfill all these expectations of you, don’t feel bad.

Being a virtual assistant isn’t a static job. You get to learn new things every day and hopefully would allow you to even exceed these expectations in time.


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