Friday, April 29, 2011

iSocialMedia: The Virtual Assistants and Social Media Marketing

What can catch your attention? A TV commercial that’s boring or a Youtube video sensation that tickles every viewer? What would you prefer to read? A plain newspaper ad or an interesting post from your facebook group? How about a flyer compared to a tweet of your friend.

The answer might relate to a choice where social media is also linked. Most of the population nowadays spend more time in surfing the internet than on TV, newspaper and radio. They might prefer to watch their favorite TV show in the internet or just download it (at least they can watch it anytime they want), enjoy their cup of coffee over yahoo news rather than a biodegradable newspaper, listen and watch music videos in YouTube than enduring radio ads just to catch up Lady Gaga’s latest single. That’s why, where people is, that is where business should be. It then resulted in Social Media Marketing.

The BIG question of all the stuffs in the internet -- Why Social Media?

Simply because, there’s a lot of people in Social Media. Virtual Assistants share a part of them, establish rapport, interact with others and build relationships. If you’ll have your business involved in social media marketing, then people will know a “part of your business”.

They can spend a little time in exploring your goods or services offered, interact with you and maybe in time they’ll trust you enough to try your services. But take note: you must be careful in using social media marketing as a strategy. It may bring you just two things: either success or failure.

You must build your concrete and realistic goals. Social Media Marketing may include delivering your message the way it should be understood, obviously, not to mislead clients. Generally, all we wanted is to attract, get more clients and improve your sales. By this, you’ll know your clients’ needs and wants, plus you can ask for their comments, suggestions and recommendations. This is where social media marketing virtual assistant can help you more.

5 Simple Tips in Social Media Marketing:

1. Be the real you.
The truth will always set you free. If you’ll pretend you’re someone else, you may look like a vendor selling lies which is a big no-no in SMM. Failure will always be the result of lies.

2. Demonstrate what you can do.
Guide them on what you and your business are capable of doing and the services and products you can offer. Try to impress them by telling what you are and what you are not. Being honest is more than enough.

3. Focus on your own business.
Rather than criticizing others, you may criticize just to show exceptional things that your business can do but don’t over do it. You may end up talking about others business instead of yours. And it’s not good to pull others down just for you to go up. Crab mentality will bring you no good.

4. Do start conversations.
We can’t live life without conversations, may it be spoken or unspoken. As long as there is understanding for both parties, relationship will be planted and by that we’ll reap trust. Always remember good conversations are always followed by relationships and trust.

5. Take good care of your customers.
One million or more are behind your back. The competition is on board and there is no room for insensitivity. If you don’t take care of the customer, somebody else will.

And most of all, both the virtual sssistant and the client will benefit in Social Media Marketing (SMM). How? As virtual assistants gain clients and grow their VA business, the clients also saves time (We all know we should invest a lot of time for SMM). Clients are assured that their SMM strategy was delegated to their reliable and expert virtual assistant resulting to a peaceful mind, making them concentrate on their business.


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