Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why is twitter marketing great for business?

Twitter, one of the most popular social networking sites, has celebrated its fifth birthday last March 21, 2011. The social network was founded in 2006 by Biz Stone and Evan Williams, the creators of, and Jack Dorsey, a software architect. Since then, Twitter has grown from a simple media platform to an indispensable tool in business marketing giving birth to twitter marketing. The following are the ways that twitter can be of great help to your business.

1. Brand awareness

Since the first tweet was made 5 years ago, the total number of registered members today is more than 106 million with an estimated daily growth of 300,000 users. Also, you can place a button in your website that your customers can simply click to connect to you to twitter.

By simply being present in twitter, you increase the chances that your brand can be noticed. Over 600 million queries are made in Twitter’s search engine everyday - I just can’t imagine how you won’t be noticed in using twitter marketing.

2. Customer Service

The main purpose of customer service is to help customers resolve issues about the brand.
With its simplistic and SMS type features, Twitter marketing is a good way to offer quick and proactive customer service.

It can also be a good medium to promote a positive brand image. Pleasing a customer through a great customer service can become an international hit story as Twitter is one of the most viral social media platform.

Using Twitter as a customer service medium will save you time and precious bucks.

3. Answer Questions

Almost all customers wanted that their queries be addressed immediately and their issues be resolved the soonest possible. Twitter Marketing is a great startegy to answer questions related to the company. It was specifically designed to give short and quick responses.

4. Twitter Marketing - Promote events, products and services

Brand services, products and events promotion using Twitter Marketing is simple and cost effective. You can use one of Twitter’s services, TweetMyEvents, to promote an upcoming company event. Hashtags, another Twitter feature, helps users track conversations, which can also be tapped to promote your products or services and company events.

Twitter marketing is not about how many followers you have or the people you are following but the significance of your tweets and how you value your relationships that matters. Use Twitter in a way its founders intended it to be and that is to create relationships online. That is why it was called a social network in the first place.


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