Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tips On How To Create A Twitter Account: First Step in Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing is now hitting the block. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your business sink in a very vast ocean. Start up by creating an account and get twitter followers as much as you want. Creating an account on Twitter is just like signing up in other websites. As long as you already have your name and email, it’s very simple. It’s as easy as peeling a banana with your own hands. 

As easy as this. With lesser peels!
This banana, however, can be messy the first time around so it’s good to start off by not wasting time and effort on unnecessary decisions. So are you ready to start your Twitter marketing? Let’s start with clicking Sign Up at http://www.twitter.com.  From there, the required information are the following: Full Name, Username, Password, and Email. 

Full Name  - Your real first name and surname is enough. If you want to use other names, just be careful not to misrepresent another person or entity.  For example, your account cannot be named after your neighbor’s dog but can be named after your own. If you are a business or a brand, you may use your company/brand name, owner’s name or someone who is in-charge of that business/brand.

Username – Twitter usernames are useful in a number of ways. These are characters preceded by the “@” sign. This will also be for your custom profile URL on Twitter (e.g. http://twitter.com/VAsocial).  It will be used for signing to twitter in other than your email address.  Lastly, your username must be relevant for people to find you. This will be the name that your audience will remember as you go along with your twitter marketing.

According to Dummies.com, a good username is similar to your name.  Here are real examples:
      http://twitter.com/Schwarzenegger - surname
      http://twitter.com/craigdonnelly - full name
      http://twitter.com/starbucks - business name

If your desired username is not available, try adding adjectives, verbs, location, abbreviations or think of another related name.  Here are some examples:
      http://twitter.com/WindTurbinesNet  - Wind Turbines is not available
      http://twitter.com/UN - United Nations is not available. Someone who took it got suspended.
      http://twitter.com/KingJames - LebronJames account is fake.

By the way, twitter usernames should not exceed fifteen characters.

Password & Email –  No rules of thumb here except for assuring your account’s security. Just make it hard to guess.

After completing all the required fields,  read the Terms of Service (TOS) and then click CREATE MY ACCOUNT. 

You now have a Twitter account. (Yehey! This will be the foundation of your twitter marketing.) You will be then led to a page where you are guided on what to do next. Let’s explore that on the next article. Don’t forget to confirm your email address on Twitter. Just check for an email from Twitter and click the confirmation link. You’re on your way to get twitter followers.

Check out our Twitter Marketing Video Tutorial for your Twitter Marketing campaign!


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