Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Art of Word Processing in Virtual Assistance

Imagine a world without words.

That’d be boring.

Words are important. Too important that we couldn’t possibly function normally without them. They’re the basic foundation of communication. Without words, we couldn’t talk or write, and we’d just be antisocial beings that all happened to coincidentally exist in one planet.
Now let’s try this with a lesser scope.

Imagine working as a virtual assistant without words.

Same result – boring.

No, wait. Not only will virtual assistance be a boring profession, it won’t even exist.

Virtual Assistance minus Word Processing equals nothing

That’s because a virtual assistant cannot perform without a client. And how do clients give you tasks, answer your questions, and rate your performance if words didn’t exist? Plain impossible.
This is the main reason why word processing is an integral part of the profession. Effective VA’s should learn how to properly use a word processor (it’s not that hard), to get anything going with the job.

Documentation is important in any business, and clients would demand reports from you with every task. Sure, you could always write your reports by hand but that would mean sore fingers and a really patient attitude. Word processing software are gifts. Utilize them like you’d utilize the PSP you got last Christmas.

Awesome Writing plus Skillful Typing equals Word Processing Euphoria

Before you start playing with whatever word processing software you have though, you better learn how to write first.

Sure, Microsoft Word’s got a spell and grammar checker, but that’s not enough to make you a good writer.

You should know the basic format and etiquette in writing letters, reports and summaries. You should be able to distinguish between a formal and informal piece. You should always know what writing style is appropriate for a situation. You should know that there are a lot of different writing styles that it’d take up a whole Wikipedia article to discuss.

And most importantly – you should read. A lot.

After learning how to write correctly, learning to use a word processor would be a breeze. It’s like typing on a typewriter, only you can edit what you’ve written.

Imagine life without words. You’d rather not exist.


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