Friday, May 6, 2011

Twitter Marketing: How To Get Started On Twitter

Last time, we had a review on the best practices of creating a Twitter account, the very first step in your twitter marketing.

Now that you have an account, how do you get started?

Follow Interesting People

After the Account Creation page, Twitter will direct you to and advises you to follow your first 10 users.  This is the first step where you can browse your interests and find other people to follow (though optional). They are classified by country, Arts & Design, Books, Business, Family, Fashion, Food & Drink, Funny, Health, Music, News, Politics, Science, Sports, Staff Picks, Technology, Travel, and Twitter.

By selecting a category, you will see a list of popular people in the Twitterverse. Just browse through your interests to find interesting users you wish to follow and relevant people for your twitter marketing.  Should you find one, try to take a look at their tweets if they are worth following.

Simply click that FOLLOW button!

Connecting With Your Friends

Step 2 is finding your friends, prospects and customers for your twitter marketing who may be already in Twitter. You can choose from the following services to find them and add their tweets to your Twitter timeline. – Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail & Messenger, AOL, and LinkedIn. You also have the option to invite them to Twitter.

Setting Up Your Profile

Next up is making your profile look better by making yourself look more human or your business more interesting for the sake of your twitter marketing. This is about changing your default image and writing a short bio. Go to settings and see Profile. From there, you can upload your avatar, change your name or your business’ name, add your website, add your location and a short bio. Since it’s an avatar, don’t get surprised when you upload a full body shot and end up with an unclear image of your face.

For location, it is advised to be specific by adding your current city at least. A full address cannot fit there unless you want to be visited by your fans.  The website field is important for twitter marketing of your business because it’s where you can get traffic.

Bio is the section where you get to tell about yourself, what you do, what you like, and any random thought within a limit of 160 characters.

Your First Tweet

At your home page, there’s a big empty space there wherein you can type. Tweet your thoughts or share some external content.  As Twitter states it, “Tell the world what’s happening in 140 characters or less”.  Yes, it can be seen by anyone who has access to the Internet unless you privatize your tweets.

There you go! You had your account set up and you passed the requirements on becoming a Twitter user for twitter marketing. For our next Twitter articles, watch out for more tweaks that are coming such as designing your profile, gaining followers, and tweeting tips. Way to go for successful twitter marketing!


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