Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Twitter Business Marketing-How to Change or Recover Your Twitter Password

A. Recovering Your Lost Password:

1. Go to Twitter and click “Forgot it?” underneath the login box.

2. Then you will be directed to

3. Enter your email address or Twitter username. Also, there may be a captcha to prove that you are human. Click Send Instructions.

4. Enter your phone number if your account is linked to your mobile. There is a suggested format.

5. You will then receive an email from Twitter so you can check it out immediately.

6. Click the reset link in the email you received from Twitter.

7. Choose a new password. You will then be directed to your homepage.

You can now login using that password. It is advised that your password should be identified as Strong by Twitter.

B. Changing Your Password:

1. Sign in to Twitter.

2. Click Settings found on the upper right hand navigation bar.

3. Click the Password tab.

4. Type in your current password.

5. Type in your desired new password on the New Password and Verify New Password boxes.

6. Click Change to save the changes.

Business owners have used social media like Twitter to market their products and services. Twitter business marketing as it is called is a game of numbers. In twitter business marketing, you need to get a sufficient number of followers in order for your marketing efforts to succeed. You have to establish yourself as a trustworthy member of twitter community to gain success in your twitter business marketing campaign.


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