Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Write a Good Article (Not a James Bond Top Secret Thing)

"Alright, so I'm starting to write this article at this exact instant and as I keep writing more and more words I'm pretty sure that this article would be a good one when I finish it."

But what’s the secret behind a good article?

Does it have a secret ingredient or formula just like the specialty recipe from a restaurant? And how can you say it’s a good article? Was it all about the good mood of a writer? Or does it depend on the chosen topic? What are the tips in making a good article? What are the benefits in writing an article?  We will answer those last three questions one by one.

What’s the secret behind a good article?

Writing an article isn't confidential information that only James Bond has access to, in fact, all you need is:

1. Yourself. Of course we need you to write for your own self. We cannot say that you have written a good article unless it came from you. If you can express yourself in your writing then you’re on the path to become a good writer.

2. Mental Presence. We need a brain that can think and command your body parts right here, right now, not somewhere that doesn’t exist. If you free your mind from worries, you can keep the ideas flowing like a river.

3. Good Writing Materials. When I say good writing materials, they are something you are comfortable with in writing, may it be a computer or pen and papers. You have to be in a comfort zone while writing to be able to unleash your fullest writing potential.

We don’t need any secret formula in writing an article. And we can say that an article is a good one if it can call attention and is easy to read like you can understand it just the way it is. Who would appreciate a boring and stilted article? It’s not all about a writer’s mood or topic. As long as you speak out what’s on your mind and you’re telling the truth, that’s more than enough.

Anyways, the following tips are for experts...also.

Tips on writing a good article:

1. Know your topic well. We can’t share knowledge and ideas if we ourselves don’t have it. Understanding the different aspects of your topic will give you spontaneity in writing.

2. Have a framework of your ideas. This will serve as your plan, may it be on your mind or putting it in writing. Remember, planning always comes after assessing your topic.

3. Make it understandable. If your article will be compared to food then make it palatable and easy to digest in people’s minds. Always put sympathy in writing.

What are the simple yet BIG benefits in writing a good article?
1. First of all, It draws visitors.
2. And visitors, means more traffic.
3. And more traffic, means more chances of higher page ranking.
4. Which results to a very good reputation for you and your products or services.
5. After all, IT’S FREE!

The secrets to effective article writing is no longer a secret. You’ve just been given access to this confidential information. Utilize this information to your advantage and don’t let the enemy access it.


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