Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Facebook Account Maintenance : How to Edit Your Contact Information on Facebook

          Facebook has over 500 million users, and that number keeps growing each day, which is a good target for people committing fraud. Facebook account maintenance had been a standard operating procedure for business owners to promote and advertise their products and services. Problems pertaining the private aspects of the business can’t be avoided, if you encounter any issue related to your contact information, You can block some users especially those whom you don’t know to secure your information but there are many Facebook applications that are requesting for access in your data. In this way, your personal details are open for identity thieves.
          And you as a business owner who’s working on your facebook account maintenance should protect your personal data, first for privacy and second to protect your business from any fraud or misrepresentations. For your security, you can always change or edit your contact information. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to to open your account. Sign in using your email address and password. Then click the “Login” button.

2. On the upper right side of the Facebook homepage, click the “Profile” tab.

3. In the upper portion of the page, look for “Edit Profile” which is just below your name and click.

4. Click “Contact Information” from the upper left side of the page under “Activities and Interests”.  Upon clicking, all your necessary contact information will show.

5. If you would like to change your IM Screen name, just click “Add another screen name” under the text box of “IM Screen Names”.  From there, another text box will be displayed to where you can enter the new screen name.  

6. You can also change the Instant Messenger (IM) tool that you use by clicking on the drop down arrow of the second text box which is also in line with “IM Screen Names”. A list of Instant Messengers will be displayed. Select and click the one that you already have an account.      

7. If you have more than one IM account, you can also include all of them if you want. Just click on “Add another screen name”. Then continue the procedure just like what you did earlier. You can do that over and over again.

8. You can also change your phone number by typing in the new number in the second text box in line with “Phones”.  Then select your country by clicking on the drop down arrow on the third text box. If you also have other numbers from different carriers that you would like to add, just click on “Add another phone” under those text box.

9. To change your address, delete the previous address and enter the new one inside the text box in line with “Address”.  Followed by your city or town as well as the zip code. The “Neighborhood” can be disregarded.

10.You can also include your website if you have one. Enter the name of your website inside the text box beside “Website”. You are all done and you can now click the “Save Changes” button to register these contact information in your profile.

          Every part of your facebook account maintenance is very important, facebook account maintenance will give your business a direction that will surely establish a good foundation for your business.


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