Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Merchant and the Types of Online Advertisement

A Merchant from the Marketing Country arrived in the Island of Advertising. He came there with one purpose, to look for the best type of advertisement that will work for him. He summoned the help of the island leader, Mayor Advertisement, in his quest. The kind-hearted and able mayor recommended the Online Advertising Family. Then the merchant interviewed each member of the family and asked them to give their assets to which the merchant will use as basis for hiring.

The eldest and the meekest of all, Text Ads, began reciting his spiel followed by his brothers.

Text Ads:
“I am a simple text-based hyperlink and contains no graphic images. My simple nature gives no malice nor deceit to the searcher.”

Display Ads:
“With my highly captivating and attention-drawing graphical images, I can increase web traffic to your site. I can change in many forms such as banners, leader boards, skyscrapers, large boxes, and other sized graphical ads.”

Pop-Up Ads:
“I’m the sneakiest and the trickiest of us all. I tend to hover, float and slide-in into the pages where a reckless searcher might click me and I will direct him to your site.”

Flash / DHTML Ads:
“I have flash animations and motion graphics that can lure searchers to your site. Online searchers loves moving images, they’re least likely to suspect me as an ad.”

Interstitial Ads:
“Of the nine of us I’m the most respectful and searcher friendly. I do not trick nor intervene with the searcher because I appear in between the pages that the searcher is browsing, however if he is carefree, he might suspect me as a page and click me thereby leading him to your site.” 

Video Ads:
“Since online video watching is popular in your country I believe I’m the most suitable. I can deliver rich advertising content. By my entertainment prowess I can attract searchers to your site.”

Email Ads (Classified Ads & Newsletter Advertising):
“With my insurmountable lists of emails and my immeasurable knowledge of customers I can send email blasts to your opt-in and target audience.”

On-Site Sponsorships:
“I have mastered the Internet algorithm and I got a lot of connections’ wherein I can help you post your business logo in their sites.” 

“I appear in editorial form containing objectively written opinions. I am a favorite of ad networks where they develop and optimize me and place me on their ad networks.”

After hearing all the spiels of each Advertising Type, the Merchant arrived to a conclusion. “It appears that all of you are suited for the job and incorporating you all in my online marketing efforts will be a brilliant idea. Therefore I will hire all of you”


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