Friday, May 27, 2011

Ghostwriting: The Hidden Writer Revealed

 Are you afraid of ghosts? They are invisible and bodiless beings that our parents used to scare us when we fidget. Don’t you know there are also ghosts who prowl behind the publishing industry? They are officially called ghostwriters.

(Don’t be scared. They’re not the ghosts that you are picturing right now.)

To help you with your confusion, here is a dramatic description of a ghostwriter excerpted from the novel, “The Ghost” by Robert Harris:

“Take a look at the bestseller lists: you would be amazed how much of it is the work of ghosts, novels as well as nonfiction. We are the phantom operatives who keep publishing going, like the unseen workers beneath Walt Disney World. We scuttle along the subterranean tunnels of celebrity, popping up here and there, dressed as this character or that, preserving the seamless illusion of the Magic Kingdom.”

Ghostwriting is a form of professional writing wherein a writer is hired to write about something to the credit of the person who hired or paid for him.

A ghostwriter or simply ghost, write almost in every genre, from autobiographies of famous celebrities to e-books of marketing gurus and even letters to loved ones. In fact, most books by famous personalities were written by a ghostwriter.

The types of ghostwriters are:
Music and;
Visual arts

Many people outside the publishing industry considers ghostwriting as unethical. However, that belief is not necessarily true, in fact it has long been an accepted practice within the industry. The ghostwriting process is enough to defend the ethical nature of the work, because it is the client who is the first-hand author and the person behind the content. In ghostwriting, the ghost will just organize and polish the ideas to produce a readable and marketable work of art

Ghostwriting is a good income-generating profession. The average pay a ghostwriter can earn from a major publisher is around $30,000- $100,000, while others can earn as much as $500,000. And aside from the monetary gains, ghostwriting is rewarding because you got the chance of helping others.

Everyone can be into ghostwriting provided that he has the talent to write a masterpiece. When you wanted to author a book but don’t have the time, talent, discipline and know-how to write, finish and structure a book then perhaps it is the best time to consider ghostwriting.


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