Friday, May 20, 2011

Separating Good Virtual Assistants from Great Ones

This is what a good Virtual Assistant (VA) does:

     Go to work.

     Do tasks.

     Finish tasks.

     Send reports.


Meanwhile, this is what a GREAT VA does:

     Go to work READY.

     Do tasks WITH MOTIVATION.

     Finish tasks ON TIME.

     Send ORGANIZED reports.


Spot the difference?

Separating great VA’s from the ‘meh’ ones can be hard.

It’s like looking for a pebble in a sandy beach.

Remember, great ones are always:


To become a great VA, you need to be ready. Like all the time.

A lot of times, clients would ask their VA’s for emergency tasks. Although VA’s are often not obliged to take emergency tasks, great VA’s take these tasks and further impress their clients.

Being ready doesn’t only mean being ready physically, but also being ready mentally – knowing what to do and being able to do it. Always.


Good VA’s do their jobs. Great VA’s LOVE their jobs.

Motivation is something that a great virtual assistant should never run out of. Motivated people work better and have better outputs than those who have no motivation at all.

Try writing a 1000-word article with absolutely no motivation or inspiration. That’d be like a never-ending nightmare. Like being stuck in limbo in Inception.


Procrastination is bad. Real bad.

Especially if you wanna be a great virtual assistant.

Finishing your work late can tick off your clients and cause them to replace you as their virtual assistant. Businesses value time since it’s an extremely limited resource.

Don’t endanger your job. Be punctual.

If you can’t finish the assigned task in the assigned time though, always inform your client so that they can be prepared.


VA’s often have LOTS and LOTS of tasks. They can’t just randomly pick tasks and do them.
They need to organize.

A disorganized Virtual Assistant is basically a dead VA. He/she’ll be overwhelmed with too many tasks that he/she will have no idea how to go over all of them.

Great VA’s use a variety of tools and software to get his/her tasks organized – sticky notes, to-do lists, alarm clocks…you name it.


Remember, it’s RMPO - Ready, Motivated, Punctual and Organized. Hope this helps you separate the good from the great. Sometimes, all it takes is a keen eye.



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