Saturday, May 28, 2011

SEO Virtual Assistant: Can You Trust Yours?

SEO virtual assistants can be good for the growth of your business. They can work off-site at lower rates with more specialized skill sets. In order to maintain harmonious relationship between a client and the VA, an open line of communication must be maintained and some measure of trust. There are ways that a client can track the progress of his virtual assistant. Read below:

Hire assistants with integrity and credible backgrounds. Ask to see samples of good work they have done in the past. Emphasize that they will be compensated by the actual hours worked, not based on a daily rate. If they are still enthusiastic about the position then they may be good candidates.

Ask SEO virtual assistants to install tracking software on their computers. Tracking software monitors if the user is actually active on designated websites or software products. If the assistant is idle for a certain pre-set amount of time (e.g.15 minutes), he is automatically logged off and have to log on again to become active. The assistant is only paid for the time that he is actively working.

Set tracking software, to monitor extraneous sites. The software can monitor if the assistant is playing around on social networking sites or gossip blogs. If there are internal company software systems, your tracking software can monitor whether the assistants are using those.

Request a daily work summary. This should approximately match-up with the results from the software system. Create a standardized template that can be filled out in a couple of minutes by your SEO virtual assistant.

What is supposed to be a meaningful professional relationship might lead to chaotic discord. Trusting a stranger nowadays is hard to do, how much more in giving your trust to someone you haven’t met personally.

Before you outsource the task to a virtual assistant, you must make up your mind whether you will be able to give your trust.

At the end of the day, it is about trusting your SEO virtual assistant. Trust is a key factor for the success of outsourcing a task to a VA. Without it, you and your VA cannot perform harmoniously. 


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