Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twitter Marketing Tips – How to Change Your Email Address on Twitter

When you first registered to Twitter (whether it is for twitter marketing or solely for personal use), one of the basic requirements was an email. Twitter makes use of your email to update you on your account changes. For example, whenever someone messages you or in recovering your account, you’ll get email notifications. Only one email per Twitter account is allowed. But if you’d like to change the email which your current Twitter is linked to, follow these steps:

1. Ready your new email address.

2. Go to and click on Account Settings.

3. Under that tab, you'll see the following fields - real name, username, and email address. Type your new email address into the email address field to replace the old one.

4. After entering your new email address in the correct field, click Save

5. Then you are required to enter your current password as displayed by a dialog box. Hit Save.

6. After saving, a yellow box will appear below the email field stating to confirm your email change. It won’t be removed unless you confirm your email.

Confirming your email:

7. Sign in to your email’s inbox. The new email you used not the one you replaced.

8. Open the new message you received there from Twitter. Message is about confirming your email.

9. Simply click the confirmation link.

10. Lastly, you would then be directed to your Twitter account.

After confirmation, change is completed. You must confirm your email to successfully change your Twitter email settings. Know the twitter basics for a more effective twitter marketing.


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