Thursday, May 26, 2011

Facebook Marketing Strategies: How to Post Valuable Links on Facebook

There are valuable information from the Internet that might be helpful to others. You can share the knowledge to your friends by simply posting the link in your Facebook.  You can share news, articles or blogs that you have read from a specific site you bumped into as you are browsing the Internet. Sharing links is one of the facebook marketing strategies. On how to do so, see below:

1. Go to Sign in using your email address and password. Then click the “Login” button.

2. Open another tab and locate the page of the website that you would like to share on your friends list. Then click the URL of the page which is located on the search bar. Copy the URL by clicking and dragging. Make sure that the whole URL is highlighted. Then right click and select “Copy”.

3. Go back to your Facebook homepage. Under “News Feed”, click “Link” and paste the URL inside the text box.  When done, this is the time for you to click the “Attach” button which is just beside the text box.

4. Upon clicking the “Attach” button, the page with the link will show. You can tell something about the link whether it’s a brief description, information or just a plain comment by writing it on the text box below it.

5. You can actually choose who can view your link by clicking on the drop down arrow under text box beside “Share” button.

6. Click the “Share” button to post the link. The link will then be posted in your homepage.

Facebook marketing strategies are essential for Internet marketing. By using this specific strategy you can share informative pages from the Internet to your friends. To those who are in business and looking for people to share their website with, this is a very effective strategy. Take note of other facebook marketing strategies to get ahead of the competition.


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