Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Facebook Assistant Tips: How to Change Your Facebook Password

The security of your account is through its password. When you suspect that someone had accessed your account, change your password right away. It is imperative that a facebook assistant must deal with this nuisance immediately when they are doing facebook account maintenance. Your private information might be hacked and might risk your life. For security purposes, you can always change your password by following the steps listed below:

1. Go to Sign in using your email address and password. Then click the “Login” button.

2. On the upper left side of the homepage, look for “Account” tab and click the drop down arrow beside it. Then click on “Account Settings”. It will bring you to “My Account” page.

3. Under “My Account”, click on “Password”. As you click, the rules in changing your password are shown below. Enter your password inside the text box beside “Old Password”.

4. Enter your new password inside the text box beside “New Password” which is just below “Old Password”. Re-enter your new password inside the text box beside “Confirm Password”.  Then click the “Change Password” button. You will receive an email notifying that you changed your password on Facebook.

The next time you log in to your account, use your new password since you can no longer use the old one because it was already replaced. Don’t forget to inform your facebook assistant of the changes made in order to avoid confusion.


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