Thursday, May 19, 2011

Facebook Account Maintenance – How to Organize a Photo Album on Facebook

You might have hundreds of pictures on your Facebook account. With its huge number, you might have a hard time locating some pictures that you would like to check on. Here’s a facebook account maintenance tip; you can create albums to organize your pictures. Categorize them by event or date. This way you can easily locate your photos.

Here are the steps on how to create a photo album on your Facebook account:

1. Go to Sign in using your email address and password. Then click the “Login” button.

2. Click the “Profile” tab on the upper right side of the homepage.  This will bring you to your profile page.

3. Photos will be shown at the center of the page. Under these pictures, look for the “Photo” tab and click.

4. There are tabs under “Photo”. Click the “Create an Album” to start inserting your pictures in just one folder.

5. Before uploading or transferring your pictures in an album, short information will pop up with a simple demo. To proceed, click “Select Photos”.

6. Create a label for your album. Enter the title on the “Name of album” field. Type in the address on the “Location” field. For the quality of photos, click the small circle either beside of “Standard” or “High Resolution” tab. You can share your photos by selecting the options in the “Share album with” field. Then click the “Create Album” button.  

7. Upon clicking the “Create Album” tab, the Custom Privacy will show. You were given the chance to restrict your photos, allowing only the selected people to view your pictures. Under the “Make this visible to” tab, click the drop down arrow that is in line with “These people”. On the “Hide this from” tab, enter the name of the people you don’t permit to see your pictures in the text box beside “These People”. Once done, click on the “Save Setting” button. You can view your album in your “Profile”.

Here are the other options if you are not able to upload your photos, go back to step 5. Click “Try the Simple Uploader”.

1. Under “Create Album”, enter a name for your album. Followed by the address in the “Location” field.

2. Select people whom you would like to share your photos with by clicking the drop down arrow on the “Share album with” tab. Then click on “Create Album” button.

3. In the Custom Privacy, under “Make this visible to”, click on the drop down arrow to restrict access to your photos. If there’s someone that you don’t like to see your photos, just enter their names on the “Hide this from” tab. Then click “Save Setting”.

4. The “Create Album” tab will again show-up. Key in the necessary information that you once entered previously. After that, click the “Create Album” button.

5. Click on “Browse” to upload your photos. If you are already done, just click on the “Upload Photos” button.

6. You will see a note that the upload was already complete. Then click the “Publish Now” button.

7. The pictures that you have uploaded will show automatically.

Hope this facebook account maintenance tip helps you in managing your own facebook account.  More tips on how to do facebook account maintenance from a facebook marketing virtual assistant.


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