Friday, May 20, 2011

Twitter Marketing Tips: How to Promote Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is a place to network with friends and other people with similar interests. To easily let someone find you on Twitter, it’s best to follow these twitter marketing tips in promoting your profile:

1. In twitter marketing you need to have a personalized URL -
  • After creating your Twitter account, your username (@VAsocial) will be a part of the URL (
  • Share the URL to your network especially when referring to Twitter
  • People who go through this URL and sign up will automatically follow you

2. Twitter marketing search features
  • Whenever someone searches for a keyword on Twitter, it refers to the relevant text found in your username, real name, and bio in ranking the results
  • Regularly update via tweets, retweets, and mentions to keep your tweets flowing and search results fresh and relevant.

3. In twitter marketing, a recommended list for new users is very important.
  • The feature "Warm Sign Up" lets you show a list of the recommended Twitter accounts to users who newly signed up through your personalized URL.  It is a way to make you feature the Twitter accounts you find worth following the most to your new followers. Here’s twitter marketing tip on how to use "Warm Sign Up":
  • On your Twitter account, create a Twitter List
  • Give your List a name
  • Select your recommended users
  • In the list description, include “#WelcomeToTwitter “. Example:
  • To verify if it is working, login with a different account and follow (or unfollow and re-follow) the accounts in the list
  • Then see
  • You will see suggestions for the followed account in which you originally included in the Twitter List.


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