Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Facebook Marketing Virtual Assistant-Steps to Remove Your Facebook Profile from the Suggested Friends List

In Facebook, others can easily connect with you through your friends who also have their own network of connections. Facebook have this feature where users who are not your friends can add you through Facebook’s Suggested Friends List. You will see the list of suggestions under “People You May Know”.

From there, your profile can be shown to others that allows them to add you up as a friend. There’s a possibility that those who will add you are not really your friends or someone you don’t like and rejecting their invitations to be your friend can be tough.

To avoid this situation, you can actually remove yourself from the list of suggested friends. Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Go to http://www.facebook.com. Sign in using your email address and password. Then click the “Log-in” button.

2. On the upper right side of the page, click on the “Account” tab. Under “Account”, scroll down and click “Privacy Settings”.

3. From “Choose Your Privacy Settings”, go to “Connecting on Facebook” and below it, click “View Settings”. You will see this in blue text.

4. Go to “Search for you on Facebook”. In line with it, click the drop down arrow to select your security options regarding on who can view your profile when someone is trying to search you in Facebook.

5. Scroll down and select “Friends Only”. Then click.

6. The “Friends Only” will then appear on the button just beside the drop down arrow confirming that persons who can search you on Facebook are only those who are in your friends list.

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