Thursday, May 5, 2011

Internet Marketing (Enter the Net Marketing)

Greg just received his paycheck for this month! And he’s planning to buy the shoes that he saw in Shoe Brand W Store. Feeling lazy, he decided to surf the internet. He searched for his favorite shoe brand (Shoe Brand X) to see what’s the latest.

and, oh! Everything was still the same since last Christmas! Why aren’t they updating?

So he searched for this local shoe brand (Shoe Brand Y) that he saw from a flyer given by a salesman in a nearby mall, just to check out what’s hot.

No results found. Well that’s sad; He thinks their styles are great on the sample attached on their flyer. How come they spend too much for flyers if they can spend less in internet marketing?

And Greg ended up typing on his search engine “Shoe Brand”…


A specific Shoe Brand (Shoe Brand Z) topped the page ranking. As he opened it, Amazing! It’s updated plus they’ve got great shots of their products, their features were clearly stated, including price tags. He continued to browse their site and he found Shoe Brand Z Style #1, it looks like the shoe that he planned to buy in Shoe Brand W Store but it has additional styles, He really loved it. But Greg wanted to make up his mind.

So he opened his Facebook account to ask some of his friends for their opinion. Good thing his fashionista elementary classmate is online, so Greg asked him if he has tried the products of Shoe Brand Z. His fashionista elementary classmate quickly replied that he got one that is great and fascinating and he sent Greg the link for the Shoe Brand Z Fanpage. Greg immediately hit the like button and posted a question on their Fanpage asking what they can say about Shoe Brand Z’s Style #1.

After a few minutes many people commented on his post, one of them said it’s comfortable to wear, the other one stated he became the bombshell on their gym because of Shoe Brand Z Style #1 and many more positive comments came. So Greg thanked all of them and made up his mind, “I’m going to buy Shoe Brand Z Style #1.” And Greg lived happily ever after with his shoes.

The Moral Lesson of the Story: Start Internet Marketing now for an optimal business.

Here are some of the common things associated with Internet Marketing; it includes the following but not limited to:

2. E-mail marketing

3. Pay-per click Advertising

4. E-commerce

5. Affiliate Marketing

6. Web Design Development

7. Search Engine Optimization

8. E-mail Marketing

9. Blog Marketing

10. Banner Advertising

Advantages of Internet Marketing:

1. Not that costly. Internet Marketing can be free (e.g. social media marketing, blog marketing, etc.) but some Internet marketing associates are chargeable. It still depends on your strategy.

2. Wider Audience. Since most people today are hooked up on internet, you’d expect to reach out to more people as compared to traditional forms of marketing.

3. Makes you and your business more accessible. Similar to Greg, since he doesn’t like to visit the Shoe Brand W Store he checked the internet for other options. And customers can ask you (the owner) directly for concerns and conditions or vice versa.

4. Customers have the chance to interact. Just like what Greg did on Shoe Brand Z’s Fanpage. As a customer, he wanted feedback and reviews from other customers who have tried Shoe Brand Z.

5. You can announce promotions, discounts or simply to tell what’s new and hot about your business. Unlike Shoe Brand X, who spent for flyers and added up work for their salesman to distribute to people when they could’ve did it online without sweat.

Simple start on Internet Marketing:

1. Sign Up on your favorite Social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.), or if you wider or advanced knowledge on internet, then you can create your own website.

2. Develop your profile and show what you’re selling.

3. Add up friends or possible customers.

4. Interact with them.

5. Continue Interacting (that is what Internet Marketing for)


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