Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inserting Links on your Masterpiece With Link Building Campaigns

Back links has always been an integral part of link building campaigns. Aside from gaining more viewers, it will be your stepping stones in having an “authority”, a trusted name/brand regards a specific niche.
Inserting Links in your article can be one of the best way to gain back links. We’ll present a simple story to understand the benefits of inserting links in your articles:

Brandon has been making so much effort in expanding his business. He owns a company that exports coffee to different cities in United States and he’s planning to expand to other big countries as well, like Canada, Australia and many more.

His business was also in to online and social media marketing, and as a part of his marketing strategy, he also writes articles about his product (the coffee) to be posted in his company’s blog page. He’s currently working on an article about different food that are best paired with his coffee. Brandon wanted to gain more back links through link building for his website, mainly to attract more viewers and customers, so he made an agreement to his Australian friend, Anthony, who owns the biggest baking shop in Australia.

“I’m writing an article about different foods that are best paired in my coffee, I’m thinking I can insert here about your shop’s specialty in baking cinnamon rolls as one of the best pair for my coffee and maybe you can post my link on your website?” Brandon excitedly said over the phone to his enthusiastic friend.

“That’s a great idea, my loyal customers might love your coffee too. I’ve been planning to open my next chain in California, maybe this can be a good start for my advertising over your place. Well, I think our agreement is closed? You can check out my site tomorrow to see your links. Thank you and More Power to both of us”Anthony replied.

“Big thanks to you too. Hoping all will come out fine.” As Brandon ended the conversation.

The next day, all was set, Brandon attached the link of Anthony’s baking shop as a part of his article, and Anthony promoted Brandon’s coffee by giving a little space for the coffee business’ link. Both were nervous yet excited for the results. Brandon even add up more articles that will lead to Anthony’s site, Anthony did the same, he add up some pictures to attract viewers.

Few weeks later...

Brandon and Anthony received so many positive comments and suggestions both from their loyal customers and prospects. Their sales even increased a couple of numbers higher from the usual. The agreement made the both parties happy that they opened new chains on their target places, serving their target customers.

It was such a nice story of success for Brandon and Anthony. But how can we insert link in our article?

Here are some simple steps in attaching a link in your blogger account.
1. Log In to you blogger account.

2. Click new post.

3. Enter the title and the body of your article and select the words that you would like to attach a link.

4. Then Click Link.
5. Type the URL of the website that you want to include in your article in the box under “To what URL should this link go?” and click OK.

6. If you’re done with your article, you can now click “Publish Post”.


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