Monday, June 13, 2011

Article Submission Tips To Increase Traffic

Article marketing is one of the greatest ways to generate traffic to your website because you are meeting the needs of the search engine.  Having an exceptional skill and believing in the power of writing, article submission is a convenient and easy way to market your products and services.   The basic idea is to give out information about the products and services you offer.  Market your business through writing and incorporate your article with the proper number of keywords.

Article marketers should follow the guidelines and rules of article submission directories.  There are tips on how to make your article achieve the maximum traffic to your business.  Below are some tips that can be helpful, so you keep them in mind.

1. Write an article with the aim to inform and to provide valuable information for the readers.  People use the Internet to get information, thus it is advised to provide useful content so that the readers would pay attention to your article.  Do not mainly talk about your products or business or give them blatant ads and sales pitches but you should also offer them with information that they can make use of.  You can talk about their problems and you can suggest the best solutions to their problems or you can write a step by step guide to do a particular thing so that in another way you can help them also.

2. Use keywords not more than what is acceptable in the search engine.   Over optimizing your article with keywords cannot help your article achieve better rankings in the search engine.  So, do not try to insert your keywords in each sentence of your article.  It can surely annoy your readers.

3. Submit your articles to top article submission directories.  Choose wisely where you should post your article.  Select only those reputable article submission directories with impressive page rank, high link popularity, and constantly visited by people you’re targeting to visit and is interested with your business.

4. Decide on how you get your submission done.  Most article marketers prefer manual submission.  Manual submission of articles allows you to post your article to proper categories and to examine the content and placement of your article.  You can also do some revisions of your articles if submitted manually.

5. Create an account and start posting your articles.  Start filling up the profile page of your chosen article submission directories.  Talk about yourself, your interests, and your reason why you joined that particular website.

6. Have the best information on the resource box.  Article submission directories provide a resource box wherein you could leave your links.  In the resource box, you can talk about the company or business you are into and how people can benefit from your business.  Having a strong resource box attracts your readers to read your article and pay attention to it.  It could also make your readers click or visit the link you have provided in the resource box.

Article submission is an easy task yet it requires proper manner of submitting and posting your content.  Understanding these tips will allow you to make your article drive traffic to your business. Added to that, you can also use social networking sites as article directories to do article submissions or to gain traffic to your site. What others usually do is utilizing twitter marketing and the different facebook marketing strategies. By using these social networking sites, it will help you gain a good rank in serp. You have to make sure you are following the guidelines of article submission directories to avoid penalty and deletion of your articles.


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