Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant’s Tips on Web Research

In the kingdom called Internet there was once a man named Sir Searcher who is in search for the Perfect Information for his research.

Just like other humans who ventured ahead of him he arrived at the pub called the Search Bar. There he met a social media marketing virtual assistant who had perfected the skill of finding the Perfect Information. He asked the Wise-man to share his tips on how he perfected the art of finding the Perfect Information. The social media marketing virtual assistant said, “Listen carefully to these tips I am sharing to you and swear by the World Wide Web that you will master this art and share it to a novice as I have done for you.”

Tip 1. “Never begin your search with the web.”
“The Internet is never the best place to search for whatever information you are looking for. Because of the freedom that the Social Media Mogul is giving to the Netizens, everyone can upload anything even the cheapest and the worthless. Before starting, you need to assess your own knowledge of the subject matter. Begin with what you know already and use it as a jumping board. Look only for things you have so little knowledge of.”

Tip 2. “Brainstorm for Keywords”
“Think ahead of time. Plan for what key terms you will look for. Remember that the Internet is a vast wilderness - if you don’t have a map, you will get lost. Your keywords serve as your map, guiding you towards the Perfect Information that you are looking for.”

Tip 3. “Make use of the Search Operator Spells”
These are special magic that you can use to filter your searches. These will narrow the focus of the Search Engine Lords.

Here is a book containing those spells, read and master it!

Tip 4. “Observe Google Holidays”
“Remember that not all that Lord Google says is accurate. Aside from Lord Google, there are other lords of the council of the the search engines - make use of their knowledge. They may not be as filthy rich as Lord Google but they still have some useful data that you can use in your quest.”

Tip 5. “Look Harder and Dig Deeper”
“Do not rely on the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) that you land on. You need to look harder and even dig deeper. The best information are not always on the first page because the SEO wizards have probably optimized the page to rank higher mostly for business purposes.”

Tip 6. “Be Skeptical”
“Act like a detective and question every page. A good detective always verifies critical information with multiple sources. Ask yourself whether the information is credible, authoritative, objective, accurate and up to date.”

“Remember, that looks are deceiving.”

Tip 7. “Don’t Rush”
“You will need patience when looking for the Perfect Information for your research. Use proper judgment and with extreme prudence, evaluate the pages that you might find along the way because remember, looks are deceiving.”

“In order to determine whether the page contains the right information it must first pass through the Three Way Test...
...a. Is the author an authority to the subject?
...b. What is the purpose of writing?
...c. Is it up to date or relevant?”

Then the social media marketing virtual assistant wished Sir Searcher luck on his perilous quest for the Perfect Information. He also advised him to go to his friend, who can help the sire in his web research.


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