Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Link Building Strategies Revealed

Oh yeah! You now have your website for your online marketing strategy. So? Are you visible to the naked eye? Uh, what I really mean is, do people who visit their favorite search engine see you on the first page? If not, then throw away your dreams. You’re going no where. BUT WAIT! Try Link Building, hold on to your dreams and watch out how your dreams come true right in front of you.

Link Building is literally building the link that directs to your website. In this task, you will  insert your very own link to other sites related to your interests or to your niche. You can hire Link Building Companies to help you.  Actually, it can be done in many different ways like:

1. Directory Submission   

Online Directories used as Link Building are like telephone directories (yeah, the yellow pages and white pages) but instead of telephone numbers, web address are recorded here. Searching the internet is like searching a telephone number in a directory, but the grouping and niche makes the big difference with online and telephone directories. Thus, it will be easier for the users to browse and search.

2. Social Bookmarking   

Digg, Stumble Upon and Reddit are some of the interesting sites where you could  promote your site. Post your works here, Digg, stumble and read other’s post on those site, they might do the same to your posts too.

3. Guest Authoring
All you need to do here is to write your best article. Ask the best author that you know to post your best masterpiece to his best site. We need a little convincing power on this link building strategy.

4. Article Directory Submission   

You know Ezine? Well it’s one of the best sites to post your article. But make sure that you use proper keywords in article directory submission, or else your article might end up on nothing. It’s also like directory submission, but obviously you will submit articles here and not web address.

5. Blog Commenting
“I love your article, Rock! Check mine at www.imaloserinblogcommenting.com” Congratulations, your comment has just been flagged as spam. That’s not the way you build your link friend. Try to read other articles and comment honestly what you feel towards that article. By starting a conversation with the author, it will trigger him and other readers to check out your site plus they might comment back at you. You’ll be also glad that you’ve learned something new from them. But if your time is limited, then link building companies may help you in this strategy.

6. Forum Participation      

It’s like a freshman socializing to his batchmates and schoolmates. Getting to know others is also sharing what you have. Forum participation lets you meet people on your niche, making higher possibility to gain viewers and traffic in your site. 


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