Friday, June 10, 2011

A Catchy SEO Articles Title is a Real ‘Catch’ for Search Engines

If you think that the title was not catchy, then close the tab and search somewhere else in the web, but if it's catchy enough then you may begin reading.
Titles are like doors; the more attractive it is the more searchers will read an SEO articles. If the title is a crap then no one will dare to read the entire article. Even worse, if it was in a newspaper page it will most likely land in the waste bin. Tsk, tsk. That would be sad. All the effort spent and the brainstorming for all the ideas written in there and the monetary investment — gone in 60 seconds.
The fate of an SEO articles are defined by its title. It must be able to catch the reader’s attention the moment they see the page.
Web searchers are impatient. They just read the title and check it if it’s interesting. If it’s not they close the tab and proceed. They will leave the page without even reading the first word of the first paragraph. Trust me. You need a good title.
The purpose of the title is to get potential readers to read the first line of the SEO articles. In doing so, the reader is then motivated to read the entire SEO articles; and eventually, getting him or her visit the page.
Here are some of tips in making catchy titles.
1. Make it short and simple. Make sure that it does not exceed 12 words. Exceed this and it will certainly lead readers away. Most of the time, the most effective titles use only simple or basic words.
2. Convey a message of need or benefit. The more it appears beneficial for a reader the higher the chances of the SEO articles being read.
3. Stir out a debate. Make use of controversial issue as a title. Creating a controversy will attract strong reactions from people.
4. Ask a question. It’s reflex for people to respond to a question. A title that asks question can easily attract attention because it forces them to answer the question. “How” and “Why” questions are the most attractive.
5. Make big claims and promises. Web searchers tend to flock to an SEO articles when the title makes big claims and promises. The drawback with this type of title is when the article body is lousy. After reading the searcher will most likely leave a bad comment if the content doesn’t live up to the title.
6. Add some humor. A funny title has a bigger chance of getting read than a bland, uninteresting title. Always bear this in mind: “Be funny and earn money”.
7. Always place keywords in the title. Never forget this tip. Keywords must always appear in the title because this will be a big factor in getting found, indexed and ranked higher by search engines.
It is undeniable that the Internet contains a vast volume of information. Chances are one topic has been discussed in millions of articles. When the searcher, after writing the search term, clicks the search button the spiders will start crawling and look for the relevant term in millions of those SEO articles. What will make an SEO articles stand out?
You got it write (right)!



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