Monday, June 6, 2011

Twitter Virtual Assistant Outsourcing: What unfolds behind the fastest-growing industry?

Tired of doing so many tasks all by yourself? Life goes on! You may outsource those tasks to a qualified Twitter virtual assistant and enjoy your business all the way. The problem is: you perhaps do not even know what outsourcing means. Then it is high time to enlighten yourself what virtual assistant outsourcing is, how you will do the outsourcing, and how will you find the best virtual assistant you can ever outsource.

Well, sadly, our best intellectuals are still debating on the most fitting definition of outsourcing. However, as for the majority, outsourcing means contracting a third party to perform a business function that is commonly done in the privacy of one’s home. Many companies opt to outsource because they wanted to spare some time to relax, to lessen stress and fatigue, and most especially, to minimize expenses. We know that business process outsourcing has become a fast-growing industry since the recession that happened four years ago.

The most commonly outsourced services are that of Twitter virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are professionals that provide administrative support to businesses from a remote point or area. The popularity of virtual assistants can be attributed to their efficiency and their being results-oriented. Aside from that, virtual assistant outsourcing can be available in the perusal of both large and small businesses making it more famous.

So now, how will you outsource a Twitter virtual assistant and where can you find the best virtual assistant that will suit your standards?

As it is the most crucial part, decision to outsource a Twitter virtual assistant must come from the businessman himself. The businessman must decide which tasks he needs to and not to outsource. He must not outsource right away until he has considered some important things. Before choosing which tasks he will farm out, he should take a deep look at his business and determine his strengths and values.

These are the types of tasks that are best outsourced. They fall into three general categories that include:

  • Highly skilled, or executive, expertise. For example, you may not need to pay a CFO's salary, but you could have a CFO-level person to come in a few times each month to provide financial analysis and ensure that the bookkeeper is handling the books well.
  • Highly repetitive tasks. Accounts payable, data entry and shipping inventory could fall into this category.
  • Specialized knowledge. An example might be the IT support for your accounting system or your network. You may not be able to afford or need a full-time IT person, and it is easier to change to an outsourced provider with the right skill set as your IT needs change.

Before handing over the tasks, be sure you are working with the right partner. While technology makes it much easier than it was before, finding a capable and reliable outsource provider should follow a rigid selection process. A good starting place is your own network. Ask other business owners or your accountant, lawyer, or banker if they can recommend a provider offering the services you need. Online networks like LinkedIn and Twitter make it easy to expand your personal networks and to ask for recommendations.

In the absence of a good recommendation from a friend or acquaintance, there are other options. A certain company found their outsource providers by placing ads on a work-at-home website and by submitting requests for proposals to professional trade organizations. Local Chambers of Commerce usually cannot recommend one provider over another. A professional association or trade group will often recommend the right partner for your needs. In the case of Twitter virtual assistants, no organization exists.

When you already found your own virtual assistant company where you wanted to outsource a particular task, you will then be faced by another challenge and that is how to make it work. In order to make things between you and your Twitter virtual assistants work out well, communication is of essence. You must communicate what are your expectations so as to avoid assumptions which might cause dissatisfaction in the future.

After you have clearly laid down your expectations to your new team you must relinquish control and allow them to do their job. Virtual assistants function well without too much pressure. Providing incentives to your virtual assistants can also boost their morale and would yield positive results. In short, you need some measure of trust. Checking your virtual assistant from time to time will be acceptable but not every time.

If you want things to work out well between you and your outsourced Twitter virtual assistant, then it is a must to consider the advices mentioned above.


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