Friday, June 17, 2011

The Forum Moderation and The Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant

Websites in the internet have forums in which members as well as the administrators interact by way of exchanging conversations.  Forums are a small community in the internet guided by necessary guidelines, discipline, and content.  An owner of the forum should have administrators and forum moderators to ensure that the rules and guidelines of the forum are not violated and that only quality content appears on the forum.   

Forum moderation is one of the methods forum moderators do to regulate forum posts.  It ensures normality or an adherence to set standards throughout the board on which it is conducted.  Forum moderation is used to sort contributions which are off-topic, illegal, and insulting with regards to useful content.

Why forum moderation should be imposed?  This is to avoid spams in the thread,  prevent abnormal posts, ensure high-quality posts, and most of all prevent members from insulting each other.
  • Spot the spams.  They are the opportunistic ones that look for every possible means to promote and advertise their websites.  They look so obvious.  They can ruin the quality of the forum board and if the forum is moderated, they can be eliminated and their posts are usually deleted immediately.
  • Avoid unusual text and colors.  Excessive use of colors and abnormal text can disturb the normal flow of the posts.  There are topics on the forum that are intended for colorful posts with excessive emoticons. Be sure that you are posting or replying in the right topic.  It is the forum moderators’ responsibility to ensure the quality of the thread.
  • High-quality content can encourage forum members to interact and connect with each other.  It adds quality and integrity to the forum.  Forum moderators do not tolerate post which are irrelevant to the topic. 
  • Insulting other members is a big no in forum boards.  Forum members who use vulgar languages and insulting other members are usually receiving warnings from forum moderators and may be banned.  This is how important forum moderation is.  It does not only facilitate discussions on message board, it also protects the rights of the forum members.
Forum moderation is a big task, yet it is fun and rewarding.  It is essential to every website that offer string conversations and message boards.  Forum topics must be helpful to a business.  Because of forum moderation, content is moderated for published messages in the forum space.  When the forum message that is posted in the forum board meets protest from other members, it is needed to be evaluated and if it violates then it is removed.

Forum moderators are the persons behind forum moderation.  They are sometimes considered antagonist by the forum members, yet it is their responsibility to maintain the quality of the forum boards.  Starting posts, closing threads, moderating posts, banning spammers, and sometimes guiding newbies in the forum are some of the tasks of forum moderators.  They play an important role in the process of forum moderation.

Besides forums in the internet, social media networking sites are also increasing its number of users.  Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have millions of users which if utilized could increase your websites online presence.  It is essential to have a social media marketing virtual assistant to manage your social media accounts.   Social media marketing virtual assistant offers marketing support, manage social network accounts, and manage online reputation.  Social media marketing virtual assistant is trained in the various platforms of social media marketing.



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