Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Factors Affecting The Rate of SEO Virtual Assistant

“Economic Crisis”, the major problem of the world. Where  did it come from? No one knows. But virtual assistants can lessen your burden (Well, they can't totally solve it, can they?)

Now these questions might enter your mind:
“How can VAs lessen my burden?”
“How do Virtual Assistants rate their clients?”.
And you might conclude things like:
“Oh, they’re only for big businesses”
“Nah. I can’t afford getting one, I don’t have the budget for them”
“ Virtual what? I don’t have the time to know them, I’m busy and they sound expensive! Never mind! ”

Maybe it’s time to know how and what affects Virtual Assistant’s rate especially the in-demand type of virtual assistant, the SEO Virtual Assistant. They are the people who ensure that your site is on the top page rank. But first, We must know several things to answer the questions you have formulated with the concept of Virtual Assistants especially those who are linked with SEO services:

FIRST:  An SEO Virtual assistant provide his or her own materials. (e.g. computer, internet service, phone line, fax line and other office related materials.)
Uhh.. Maintenance is one of the hardest things to do, especially if it means spending a lot.

SECOND: An SEO Virtual Assistant ensures that he/she charges enough to cover all the maintenance and their personal expenses.
Well, it’s not a good feeling to receive overwhelming monthly bills if you have nothing to pay.

THIRD: An SEO Virtual Assistant is a professional entrepreneur who are trained to help busy people who want more to their life.
They’ve studied and worked hard to acquire the right knowledge, skills and attitude to fit as your VA. Expect them to master maybe not all but most of your tasks.

FOURTH: An SEO Virtual Assistant doesn’t receive company benefits (unless they’re under a VA Company).
This simply means that they can’t enjoy the benefits rendered by a normal company. No 13th month pay, no holiday pay, no discount on fitness centers, etc. Too bad for them.

FIFTH: In times of sickness, an SEO Virtual Assistant  has to pay their own medical expenses as well as fund their own retirement.
They have no medical insurance to depend on when they get sick or meet an accident. Well, that’s kinda heavy on their pocket.

To sum up: Virtual Assistants are rated according to:

1. The investment that they give.

As what I have mentioned above, Virtual assistants need to maintain the materials (like telephone, fax line, internet connection and even the computer unit itself)  that they need in doing your tasks. It’s a must to balance their debits and credits for them to perform at their fullest.Plus, they invest not only material and monetary stuffs, they also invest dedication, hard-work, and loyalty which can’t be bought at any amount and reaped only by respecting each other.

2. The quantity of their task.

    It simply covers the amount of their production. How fast they can work and produce the expected outcome at your expected time. To reach your expectations they must be quick and smart enough in doing your tasks. You wouldn’t like to have a Virtual Assistant that is slow and unreliable right?

3. The quality of their task

We don’t only look on how fast a VA can finish a task but the excellence of the outcome would surely matter. Investments and quantity wouldn’t matter that much if the outcome quality of the task delegated to them is not good. As what they say “Content is King” - a current meme (ideas or beliefs that are transmitted from one person or group of people to another) when organizing or building a website (Wikipedia)

4. The time they consume in doing your tasks.

Remember, Time is Gold. All we wanted to say here is that virtual assistants deserve their typical rate of  $12-$50 per hour (according to source) Not too costly, and not too cheap. Again, this rate may vary according to the tasks delegated by the clients. Virtual Assistants are PROFESSIONAL, HARD-WORKING, and WILLING TO HELP to the extent of their capabilities that’s why they need reasonable prices for their services.


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