Monday, June 27, 2011

Simple Tips for Writing an Article in Magazine

Is writing an article for a magazine a hard work?


Writing alone is a hard work. It will take some time to develop your skill in it. You have to spend much of your time researching for some references in order to make an outstanding article. It will take time to develop an idea of what topic to write, how to create a great title and what to write in the body of the article. Writing an article will take some time to begin and even much more time to finish writing the entire article.

So, does it mean there will be no success in writing?


Writing might be hard but full dedication and a little motivation would make it easier. Yes, writing can be learned as long as you are patient enough to discover all the possibilities.  By opening up your mind to your environment, you will find many ideas and topics to write about.

Writing an article and being published in a magazine is a dream come true for a lot of writers. It is because they will be granted with a fat paycheck and is a very great opportunity for them to expose their talent to the public and be read by different people.

To know more about writing an article to be published on a magazine, here are some tips:

Choose a topic of your interest

In writing, you can’t force yourself to write about something if you don’t have any idea about it. Always make sure that before you start writing your article, you‘re expert on that field and that you can elaborate easily everything that you know about it.

You will definitely produce a very impressive and high-quality article if you knowledgeable in that specific field. In return, many readers will appreciate your work and be impressed with your content. I suggest that before you start writing, take note of the different topics or ideas you have remembered which you have an in-depth knowledge of ,so that you will not find it hard to write.

Conduct a wide research

Research is always a part of writing. Most writers conduct their research before they start to write their articles. Though you have a huge stock of ideas and knowledge about a certain topic, it is always advisable to consider researching about it. By doing so, you could discover the latest updates and trends about your topic and it will really help you in constructing a wide variety of ideas which you can include in your article.

Develop an outline

When writing an article, it will be easy to understand if the contents are organized in an outline. Readers usually find it difficult to read if they are bombarded with a huge wall of text. They will find it boring. Plan to outline your ideas into different topics and subtopics to make it easier to understand. Having this idea will lead every reader to read your entire article and will not ignore it.

End your article with a bang

Now that you have reached the end point, season it with an awesome phrase or a question. It may be a revelation, question or quotes. Anything that could make the readers think and will dig in to discover the answer. This idea is to make your readers read your other articles.

Having the skills in writing could be developed as you continue to learn and open yourself to try the different things and discover what else you can do. If you only have the will, there is always a room for improvement and learning. Just imagine how your power to write could bring a brighter future for your career just like some amateur writers are aiming for. Not only for popularity because of having your work published in a simple magazine. But the main point here is, your works are being read and appreciated by the public. You know what’s the most significant purpose of writing? It’s when you convey a message to the readers and share your thoughts to them.


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