Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Services of a Virtual Receptionist

With your hectic schedule do you still have time to answer business related calls?

I’ll bet most businessmen would say no. Of course, it is understandable that due to their stressful schedule they can barely find enough time to answer their clients inquiries. However that shouldn’t be the situation especially if you are running a small business. You should make the most of every call. You need to answer every call from clients as much as possible.

Since you don’t have enough monetary resources to hire an on-site employee, then I guess you might need to hire the services of a virtual receptionist.   

A virtual receptionist from a business perspective refers to individuals having the same functions with an on-site receptionist but located from a remote area away from the place of business. It is considered as a niche in the virtual assistant business which is commonly referred to as answering service jobs. Their duties or services commonly includes:

  • answering the telephone, screening and directing calls
  • taking and relaying messages
  • providing information to callers
  • directing persons to correct destination
  • dealing with queries from the public and customers
  • ensuring knowledge of staff movements in and out of organization
  • general administrative and clerical support
  • preparing letters and documents
  • receiving and sorting email 
  • scheduling appointments
  • maintaining appointment diary either manually or electronically
  • organizing meetings

Hiring a virtual receptionist is good for your business. You can save a good amount of money when you hire a virtual receptionist than to hire an in-house receptionist. You can make use of every business opportunity by being active to customer queries. Customer will patronize your business if you provide an excellent customer service and surely a virtual receptionist is ready to offer such experience to the customer.

Always remember to put your best foot forward because first impression lasts. 


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