Monday, June 20, 2011

SEO Services: Web Development Elements and Process in Simple Discussion

Web Development is literally developing a website, an integral part of SEO services that an SEO company offer. As I asked some Web Developers from our SEO company to discuss Web development in a simple way. What amazed me is that most of them answered, that it’s a hard thing to do. I haven’t asked what they mean about “It’s a hard thing to do”, it may just mean two things, either it is hard to do or explaining it in an easy way is the hard thing that they mean. Funny isn’t it, but no matter what’s the meaning of those words, it only gives you the impression that SEO services like Web Development has a variety level of difficulty, from easy to hard and simple to complex applications and services.

According to them, you can explore a lot of stuff to work on, and it’s a very big plus if you’re creative. You get to know and understand what's behind the world of web and SEO services, to dig deeper on it, discover a lot of stuff, tools, and etc to help you create/develop websites to reach the desired goal of your SEO company. You have to be updated everyday with new syntax like codes and a no-no on obsolete tags like that stuff. But here’s a simple overview of what SEO services like web development is.

It includes Web Content, Web Design, Web security, Web Maintenance and many more to gain target viewers and it has 6 major elements that serve as a guide in Web Development processes. Take note that as an element changes, it affects other elements at the same time.

The 6 Major Elements of SEO Services:Web Development

1. Viewer or Audience Information

Knowing and taking into consideration what the audience prefer, likes and dislikes, interests and affiliates will be the primary basis of what a web developer do to the site he/she’s developing. 

2. Mission or Purpose Statement

This states the over all  mission and the  main reason of developing a web site. It may be  general and broad or a more precise and specific statement.

3. Objectives

These objectives will simply mean the goals and direction that the whole operation will take. It should be flexible for it changes most of the time.

4. Domain Information

A collection of data, knowledge and information about the subject domain that the web covers, both in terms of information provided to users of the web and information that the web developers need.

5. Web Specification

Plainly states what the web covers and its limitations. Like any other elements, web specification should be flexible to changes.

6. Web Presentation

This is how the web is presented to the public. This is the product of design and implementation process that will be discussed in the article later. 

SEO Services: Web Development Process

1. Planning

Planning will always be the first step in anything we do. For web development, planning phase is done for domain information through specifying the data that are needed and significant, and how it should be collected. 

2. Analysis

Like in research or thesis, analysis covers gathering and processing of acquired information about the web and its operation. Knowing what the audience know will generally have an effect on the information that will be provided. This reflects the first element of web development in SEO services.

3. Design

This process includes designing a small prototype or small working model. Design phase takes care of the aesthetic components, quality contents and usability of the web. 

4. Implementation

Implementation is the actual building or reconstruction of the site using HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

5. Testing

This will test the development and changes that happened to the web. Web developers usually use multiple browser compatibility, sites are tested in different browsers if there are issues. It’s also a phase of user interaction, testing all functionalities such as search, email forms, button links, etc are working.

6. Promotion

This will hold the publicity of web development. It involves formulating some marketing strategies on how to introduce the developed site. Mostly, interaction to viewers is necessary.

7. Maintenance and Innovation

SEO Services like Web development is a constant change. Various bugs and errors are fixed during maintenance phase. Web developers should be creative or artistic enough to handle all the demands that change brings.


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