Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Advertising Slogan; Form of Copywriting that an SEO Virtual Assistant Can Use

Advertising slogans have been very effective strategies for promoting a business, whether it is big or small. It is one of the famous forms of copywriting that an SEO Virtual Assistant use in providing their SEO services. Slogans can be created for a mean time for a promo or campaign, or it can be an official slogan for a business. Advertising slogans can also evolve from a simple to a more developed line as time and the company demands.

The main purpose of an advertising slogan is to introduce a business and give a specific thought that a business wants the target market to remember, some SEO Virtual Assistant as a part of SEO services that they give, may help you in formulating your slogan. Here is a simple example of an advertising slogan used in a business.

“Joe’s 24/7 Restaurant, the home of delicious eggplant...” The board stated in front of Joe’s Restaurant. From breakfast to midnight snacks, Joe’s Restaurant never fails to cook delicious yet affordable and cheap dishes with eggplants as the main ingredient. Joe became rich and famous with this slogan. Who wouldn’t be? Joe get a litle help from an SEO Virtual Assistant  and they followed the 3 basic rules in formulating an advertising slogan.

1. Make the advertising slogan sticky or memorable.

a. Proper rhyming. As what you have observed, the rhyming sound in the slogan is “-ant”. Just like what poem writers use, rhyming makes it easy for the brain to remember what word comes next.
b. Double meaning. Since the restaurant was well-known for its cheap dishes, the slogan was able to deliver 2 thoughts. Aside from delivering the message that Joe’s restaurant serves eggplant dishes, eggplant in that slogan can also mean cheap. (We all know that eggplant is cheap)

2. The Business or Brand Name should be included in the advertising slogan.

It’s really preferable to include the business or brand name in the slogan. How can someone introduce another person your business if he will not include the name in his/ her introduction. It’s like a man giving referrals to his manager, how will the manager know the referral if he/she doesn’t know the name of the referred applicant. Names exist as identification of anything in the universe.

3. Show the business’ asset.
Everyone always wants to gain something in everything that they give away. Customers want to be sure that they gain an equal return or more for the product or service that they’ve paid for. Stating what your business can do for them will surely draw customers.

To sum up, an advertising slogan is preferably short and catchy by proper rhyming and giving it a  double meaning that can best describe the business that it wants to promote. The business name and the benefits that a business can bring you should also be included to create a greater impact for the business and the consumers as well. This type of task still depends on the contract between you and your SEO Virtual Assistant.


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