Friday, June 3, 2011

Finding Virtual Assistant and Social Media Marketing Assistant Training Courses and Programs?

A virtual assistant or social media marketing assistant career is a continuous learning process. It begins when you plan to start your own virtual assistant business and never ends even if you’re at the peak of your VA career.

Being a virtual assistant is not easy as creating a Facebook page and then marketing your services.  Some virtual assistant may jump into their VA business as soon as possible and may become successful.  However, others may find it difficult to start without proper training and guidance.

Virtual assistant training courses and programs offer virtual assistant wannabes and amateurs the opportunity to learn from the most basic VA task to more advanced skills needed to compete in today’s virtual assistant industry.

There are also virtual assistant training courses and programs available for veterans and experts. These courses and programs will give them continuous education about the dynamic field of virtual assistance. New knowledge and skills regarding up-to-date tools and applications for the job is necessary to keep up with the tight competition.

There are various virtual assistant training courses and programs available. Some are free and others may charge a couple of bucks. Below is a list of the virtual assistant training courses and programs available online.

1.  Virtual Assistant Technologies, Inc. - It is a Charleston, SC USA based business process services company with delivery offices located in the United States and the Philippines. They also provide training/resources for virtual assistants or social media marketing assistant. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection, then register at their site and you can start your VA training for free.

2.  VA Training - VA Training takes a unique approach through one-on-one coaching. Their goal is to provide a comprehensive program to emerging and established virtual assistants. Before being accepted into the program, you will undergo a 30-minute consultation. At this time, your ability and readiness to learn will be determined.

3.  VAClassroom - The primary mission of VAClassroom is to equip new and existing virtual assistants and online professionals with the most current and relevant skills and knowledge that businesses are desperately seeking today.  They offer two types of training memberships, the free and premium membership, to help you stay sharp and on track in your virtual business.

4.  The VA Apprentice  - It’s a complete virtual business program that provides seven modules consisting of the following 5 elements - Learning, Implementing, Coaching, Tutorials and Bonuses. In addition to this, there is also a “resources” section on the members site where you can go to read reviews on various systems, equipment and resources that they either use themselves or highly recommend.

For more list of social media marketing assistant training courses and programs you can visit Virtual Assistant


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