Thursday, June 23, 2011

Social Media Marketing Plan - The Jewel Inside You

Easier said than done.

Read this story::

          Paul’s sitting on his same old office. He opened his jewelry shop months ago but as he looked at his sales, well everything was flat as a glass table. He posted so many paper ads on every wall in the street but everyone else was so busy to stop and read his uhh...

          As he went out to get some hotdogs, he saw everyone walking with their smart phones and some who are sitting with their laptops,
          “Technology will always be the trend”
He said to his sad self. But he started thinking,
          “What are they looking at? What are these people doing with their phones and laptops?” 
So he thought,
          “Maybe I can go inside there and promote my jewelries. But how?”
          He muttered as he arrived to the hotdog stand.

          “Oh, not you Dave!”
He exclaimed to the cashier with a smart phone on his hand on the hotdog shop.
          “What? What’s wrong? I’m just tweeting? Don’t worry, you’ve got your bills right, and I tweeted here(Paul having some hotdogs)”
said Dave, still on the phone.
          “Oh,Tony replied (He’s the owner of the boring jewelry shop right?)...Uhmm, I’m sorry for that Paul”
          “No, no, it’s alright, no biggy, it’s his opinion, actually, It’s true.. He’s right, I’m the owner of an unknown jewelry shop.
          “Well maybe you can spice up your shop using Social Media Marketing, see, his hotdog shop is such a hit.
Dave whispered, as he handed down Paul’s order of Classic Hotdog. Actually Paul discovered about the delicious hotdog on a photo tagged by Dave in Facebook. Now he’s thinking about the social media marketing plan Dave recommended him.

          Paul realized “Since everyone is into Social Media, why don’t I reintroduce my product using social media? Hey, that would be great”

And so, Paul started to put into actions his SMM plan:

FIRST: Know what everyone else wants. TAKE HEED.

          Collect facts directly from your customers about what they want and what they need, feedback and suggestions, etc. You must join related groups in the beginning but try to extend to others, influence people to speak up what they prefer related to your product. Don’t be stagnant. You can influence verbalization by posting creative photos and videos.


          Every business is unique and needs a unique plan and clear goals.

Example of a start up plan:

Have a Facebook Account by Monday and invite at least 15 persons per day.  

Example of a long term goal.

At the end of the SMM plan, I will be able to gain 100 to 400 friends on facebook and have 20 or more regular visitor/guest rate on my jewelry shop.

Goals should be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

You must identify your target market first. You can start  by signing up to famous social media sites that you know like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. Build a foundation of your relationship by interacting with potential and loyal customers.


         Take time to build relationships and trust, to share to them what you know and vice versa. You must allot specific times for interaction in your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts. If you don’t interact, your strategy will be considered like a mummy, preserved but dead..

          After a time (unidentified if long or short), Paul went out for hotdog with his smart phone, greeting his loyal customers on his way out. He tweeted “Excited for the opening of my next jewelry shop in New York, thanks to my social media marketing plan!”, painting a smile on his face.


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