Monday, June 20, 2011

SEO Virtual Assistant and Web Design with Its Important Aspects

Web Design is very important in different websites. It is one of the basic components in SEO services like web development and a very unique way for an SEO Virtual Assistant to present information. It needs thorough planning considering it’s context, purpose and audience.

Context surrounds the content in a website as necessity. Context in web design gives the content an impact. In short, if your context is bad your content will not even be seen or appreciated. That’s the main reason that we need an SEO Virtual Assistant. Next is purpose. Purpose will surely affect the web design because it acts as the basis and the foundation for everything that we do in web designing. Lastly, we will consider our target audience. Mainly, the things that we need to consider are their personality, their preference on how data and information will be presented and their web experience. Even color schemes should match the audience personality, age, etc.  This will allow the website to deliver well the desired content to their target audience.

Here are more specific aspects of web design:

1. Content

The Web content that your SEO Virtual Assistant may include are text, images, videos, etc. Content is the subject of the website. First and foremost, it should be relevant or related to the topic or to the purpose of the website. A search engine friendly and interesting content will surely boost  traffic to your site. Keywords must be used to be visible and be crawled by spiders. Knowing your audience preference as mentioned above will surely attract their attention in checking out your site.

2. Usability

People search the web simply because they wanted to know something. If you solve the problems of your target audience, they will surely come back for more. It would also be a very big plus factor if your site is user friendly. This will give the feeling to your audience that your site is trustworthy, eventually, increasing your page ranking. Make sure that the SEO services that you receive is reliable to achieve these goals.

3. Appearance

Try to apply copy writing skills in your site. The theme should match from start to end of your site. You must know what’s appealing and remarkable for your audience. Always remember, audience is also the center of your project together with your purpose. Work and check the quality of your site like an audience or a critique.

4. Structure

Structure will be how the site is presented as a whole. Where tabs are placed, how it is organized, how images are shown, the alignment of the text, etc. Maintain it organized as possible. Avoid annoying, blinking, non-sense, attention calling tabs. This may just disgust viewers. Keeping it real and clean. Simple yet informative site would always be interesting for viewers. 


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