Friday, June 24, 2011

Web Research Guide: Way of Researching of your SEO Virtual Assistant

          Research is used in many different ways. From school projects to office works. Each has unique ways of gathering information and answering their own queries even your very own SEO virtual assistant. Before when the Internet was not that accessible, people used libraries as their main source of data and information. Books and other printed materials are very reliable sources for research as long as it was recently published. Card catalogs are used by librarians to locate and organize the books needed. The thing that makes libraries a significant source of data is that you are assured that their data is properly processed thus making it legally reliable (but only to a limited time since data also needs updating).

          Fast forward to the present. The Internet has been the main source of data for SEO virtual assistant research. With a single click, your SEO virtual assistant and even you can get all the data that you need right at the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer that has a decent Internet connection and presto! You can now browse your online source of data. BUT wait, there’s a very big but in using the Internet as a source of information.

No. 1 It isn’t reliable all the time
          Since it’s posted online that doesn’t make it reliable. Anyone can edit it anytime they want to. No assurance can be given to Internet users.

No. 2 Charges for gaining access.
          Since it took time and effort to put those printed materials online (more popularly known as e-Books), the author or owner of the rights to the e-Book would surely ask for some amount in exchange for your SEO virtual assistant and even you to gain access.

No. 3 It is not organized.
          Using the Internet as a source of information is like swimming in a vast ocean. The data is unorganized, unlike in a library. This is where the role of search engines come into play.  

Helpful Search Engines

          They are also known as the online librarian. Using keywords, search engines will direct you to pages that are related to the keywords that you typed in. There are a lot of search engines that can be used for free, there’s google, yahoo and many more.
What do I and my SEO Virtual Assistant need to know when I am using the Internet as my source of information?

1. Know your search engines
          Know what and how to use the helpful search engines. You will be using them throughout your research. Page ranking is one of the main basis of a page’s reliability, high page ranking means that the page you opened is a trusted site.

2. Create an outline of your question
          Creating an outline of your questions will serve as the back bone of your task. This is putting your goals into action, plus it saves time and effort.

3. Proper use of keywords when searching
          If the search engine can not give you the page that you have been looking for, maybe you can use other synonyms or other groups of words for your keywords.

4. Evaluate your source
          Evaluating the site can be a bit difficult for beginners, but as what others would say, learn from your own experience. Their are no rules in knowing reliable sites but you can simply choose what can help your task according to your own standards.


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