Friday, June 10, 2011

Know the Factors Affecting SEO Services Pricing

There are various factors affecting the SEO Services pricing of SEO companies or virtual assistant companies, which can either increase or decrease the cost of the SEO services. Most of these factors are services-related while others are inherent to the SEO company or virtual assistant company. Knowing these will help the client understand how and why his job order was priced that way. The following are the factors that affect SEO pricing.

1. Target market competition
Since it will require more effort to optimize a website in a competitive environment, naturally it will increase search engine optimization pricing. The more competition on the market a website has, the higher the pricing that SEO agency will charge most especially if the business or website is not that popular yet in the Internet. Whereas if the business is a subset or a niche of a larger industry, optimizing it will be a piece of cake and will normally lower search engine optimization pricing.

2. Target keyword
Keywords that are popular and very common will most definitely have bigger competition thereby making it to the top will be difficult on the part of the SEO expert. Since it will take more time and effort to get a website to the top using a popular or very common keyword, then the search engine optimization pricing of the SEO company will be bigger. Also an additional charge will be given if extensive keyword research will be done.

3. Size of the website
Larger websites would normally have more content, which would predispose a site to rank higher. However, with more content means more pages to optimize. This in turn needs more time, effort and personal attention, which will cause the search engine optimization pricing to increase.

4. Age and present state of the website
Search engines favor those websites that have been existing for a longer period of time. That’s because they were able to earn reputation on search engines thereby lessening the SEO needed. For websites who haven’t established roots in the online business yet, it will be requiring a lot of search engine optimization that can increase the SEO services pricing.

5. Site design and construction
The design and construction of the website will have an impact on SEO services pricing. Complex websites are harder to optimize than simple sites, thereby increasing the price of services.

6. Time required to finish the project
When a client wants to get the SEO project done in the quickest time possible then the search engine optimization pricing of SEO agencies will normally be higher.

7. Reputation of the SEO agency
A well-established and highly reputable SEO agency will have higher search engine optimization pricing compared to those who have not proven alot in the industry. One good example of an SEO company of good standing that offers reasonable search engine optimization pricing is Virtual Assistant Technologies Inc.

8. Other services needed
There are other services that might be included in search engine optimization thereby increasing the search engine optimization pricing. Services that might be employed during the search engine optimization includes linkbuilding, social bookmarking, blog commenting, etc.

9. Type of SEO contract
Long-term contracts, can increase SEO services pricing, whereas one-time optimization will be priced lower. Yet the benefits of long-term contracts exceed that of one-time optimization.

10. The need for SEO tracking services
Tracking systems and site statistics will give insight on how the website is performing, whether its getting enough ROI or the marketing effort is a failure. The need for this service or when the client specified its installment, will normally increase search engine optimization pricing.

Ranking higher in search engines is tantamount to success in online marketing, that‘s why it’s the most indispensable practice in the industry; thus most online businesses capitalize on outsourcing this task to virtual assistant companies. Outsourcing this task would require a good sum of money for investment, and knowing the factors affecting SEO services pricing will help online merchants decide to outsource the task to a reputable company that offers reasonable pricing.


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