Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Facebook for Business Startup

So, you’re a business owner finding the right choice for business strategy? And I guess you’re using Facebook, right? If yes, then you have a great potential of marketing your business over the online community.

Facebook, in fact, is an indispensable part of business strategies for most of the business entrepreneurs. With a huge community of over 500 million users and still growing, Facebook could be a great help of finding leads and potential customers for your business. Today, small businesses are using Facebook to build online presence, community, and a wide array of fans, putting them up all together in a single page where there are an online interactions and continuous updates. Having them packed all together as one, business entrepreneurs could instantly dig in to the different customers offering with their products and drawing them to purchase it.

As a business entrepreneur who wishes to gain a good standing of profits, you really need to go where the people and potential customers are. And with a huge community, it is most likely that you could easily find customers for your products and services. The golden rule for every businessman is to put himself to where the customers are.

The following are the simple strategies to start your business in Facebook.

Identify your goals

It is always important that before you start with something, you must need to set your goals which will serve as your motivational factor to succeed. Goal setting ideally involves establishing the 5 basic guidelines: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-targeted objectives. It can serve as an effective tool for the progress of your business and making you aware of what’s the current status of your business.  Goal setting compromises a major factor in the development of the business as well as performance.

Start small and slow

Starting your business at first doesn’t necessarily need a big capital. Every huge company and successful business starts from small ones. With their full determination and hard work, they attained the goal they’ve once dreamed of. If you’re aiming to be successful, it doesn’t mean that you start kicking off with a huge business. You have to start from the primary and the most basic. As you grow your business, you will learn different things and gain various knowledge and ideas which could help you with your business.

Build credibility

Online pages such as a Facebook fan page is a great way for finding potential customers and leads. You could easily communicate with the public and promote to them your product. Like any other fan pages, public viewers could not see the actual appearance of the product since these pages only present pictures and videos of the product. Building an online credibility requires much effort in order to gain the trust of the public. Though you have the best product, but if the people doubt it, you’ll turn down yourself and end with nothing. In order to build credibility over the online community, you must present the reality to the public, never blind them with pictures and videos alone. Assure them that what you are saying is true and reliable.

Engage to your customers

Another strategy to gain a good relationship in the online community is to engage with them. Online marketing through Facebook is not only about promoting and selling your product. You must also learn to interact with the public so that you can gain their trust. In that way, selling your product will be easy and will not require a lot effort from your part. 


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